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Another day, another Nest bug. Customers are complaining that their Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam’s two-way audio feature, called “Talk and Listen,” does not work correctly with Samsung phones. While incoming audio works fine, outgoing audio is too quiet for visitors to understand.

Two-way audio is an incredibly important feature for smart doorbells and outdoor cameras, especially during a global pandemic. It allows you to respond to strangers, friends or family who are at your door, even when you are not at home.

So it’s easy to imagine why this is such a frustrating problem. Several users on a Google Support forum say they’d like to return their affected Nest products, as “Talking and Listening” was one of the features they were most interested in.

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Unfortunately I’m not sure if there will be a solution soon. This problem goes back to: at least 2019, and while I can’t verify it, some customers claim to have first reported the bug in 2017. A Google representative acknowledged the issue in a October 2021 support thread, but could only tell affected customers that “we are still collecting data about this issue.”

We’re not sure what’s causing the problem, but all Nest Cam and Doorbell models are affected, including the new battery-powered devices. And while some Samsung phone owners say that “Talking and Listening” works fine with their device, it seems that all Samsung phones are vulnerable.

So, what can customers do if Nest’s two-way audio is too quiet with their Samsung phone? Normal troubleshooting steps like formatting your devices don’t seem to work. So Google’s support representative suggests using another device for “Talk and Listen” until the issue is resolved. (It’s not the most helpful suggestion, I know.)

We reached out to Google for a response to this story. I will update this article if the company responds or if new information comes to light. (Email me at [email protected] if your Nest products are not working properly with your Samsung phone.)

(h/t) Simon and the other Nest customers are struggling with this issue.

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