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Okay, it’s time to sell YouTube TV subscriptions to your friends and relatives! YouTube TV just opened a referral program that gives you a $20 credit every time someone signs up. And to make your sales efforts easier, anyone who joins YouTube TV through your referral link will save $10 on their first month.

To generate your referral link, tap your profile picture in the YouTube TV app and go to ‘Referral’. Or, if you’re in a hurry, just drop by After a friend signs up and pays YouTube TV for the first month, you’ll get $20 off your upcoming bill.

Unfortunately, there are many rules for this referral program:

Suitability: Discounts only work if you’re subscribed to the YouTube TV Base plan (as opposed to individual channels). You won’t get a discount if the person you refer has already used YouTube TV or redeemed a free trial. In addition, the person you refer must be a member of the YouTube TV Base subscription. Number of Referrals Available: You can successfully refer 10 people for a total of $200 in discount credits. It’s not clear whether these credits are piling up or being added to your account on a monthly basis. Combine with coupons: New users cannot combine a referral discount with a coupon.

Google says these rules can be changed at any time. If you have friends or family who are interested in YouTube TV, I suggest you refer them as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you can already do it share your YouTube TV subscription with 4 other family members at no cost.

While a month’s discount on YouTube TV isn’t the best deal in the world, it’s better than nothing. YouTube TV is more expensive than ever, to the point where its price overshadows some cable and internet packages.

Source: Google via XDA Developers

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