Set up and use Sonos Voice Control on your speakers

(Pocket Ribbon) – Sonos announced its own voice assistant, called Sonos Voice Control, in May 2022. Designed to provide users with another convenient way to control their Sonos speakers, rather than just the Sonos app, the voice assistant also offers specific features.

While the Sonos Voice Control Assistant can’t turn off your smart lights or turn up your smart thermostat, it can do things like group your Sonos speakers.

You can read everything you need to know about Sonos Voice Control in our separate feature, including where it’s available, what speakers it works on and some examples of what you can ask for, but here we’re focusing on setting up Sonos Voice Control. and how to use it on your Sonos speakers.

Set up Sonos Voice Control

Setting up Sonos Voice Control is super easy. Follow the steps below to set up Sonos Voice Control on your compatible Sonos speakers. You need at least one speaker with a built-in microphone, such as the Sonos One or Sonos Roam.

It’s also worth noting that Sonos Voice Control is currently only officially available in the US, although UK accounts should still have access – it may not be spotless as it currently targets US English.

Open the Sonos app Tap the Settings tab Tap Add a Voice Assistant at the top or tap “Services & Voice” and select “Add a Voice Assistant” Choose Sonos Voice Control from the options Tap “Get Started” Accept the terms of use and tap continueChoose the speaker you want to add Sonos Voice Controls to update your speaker as needed Tap Continue Try it out or skip Tap Done or tap Add to another room to see more compatible Sonos voice controls add speakers

The Sonos Voice Control processes everything locally on the speaker itself, so privacy is paramount.

Using Sonos Voice Control on your speaker

Once you’ve added Sonos Voice Control to your Sonos smart speakers, simply say “Hey Sonos” followed by your request. The speaker makes a sound to confirm that he has heard you. You can also quickly follow up on similar requests afterwards without having to say “Hey Sonos” again.

Also note that Sonos Voice Control can control other speakers in your Sonos system through a smart speaker. For example, you could ask Sonos Voice Control on your Sonos One in the kitchen to play George Ezra on your Sonos Five in your living room. Keep in mind that while you can use Sonos Voice Control alongside Amazon Alexa, you can’t use it alongside Google Assistant.

Here are a few things you can do with Sonos Voice Control:

Hey Sonos, what’s playing? Hey Sonos, volume up Hey Sonos, volume down Hey Sonos, volume up in the bedroom Hey Sonos, group living room and bedroom Hey Sonos, turn on Speech Enhancement in the TV room Hey Sonos, what’s my battery level Hey Sonos, play Cocktail Hour on the MoveHey Sonos, play something I likeHey Sonos, play Apple Music 1 radioHey Sonos, skipHey Sonos, louder…louderHey Sonos, fast forwardHey Sonos, play a little quieterHey Sonos, play here insteadHey Sonos, turn on the TVHey Sonos, volume up only in the bedroom Hey Sonos, play Ed Sheeran very quietly Hey Sonos, stop playing in the kitchen and start playing in the living room instead Hey Sonos, what can you do?

Written by Britta O’Boyle.

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