Shameless NFTs Step Into Apparel

The combination of digital currencies and blockchain technology has created numerous opportunities in vertical sectors. Today, the cryptocurrency industry is growing at a tremendous pace and the arts and games industry has benefited immensely from it.

NFTs give creators complete freedom to bring their vision to life and sell it as digital tokens to a global consumer base. Among the projects that push the boundaries of NFTs further than others are: Dirty Pigs. Their original designs and collections are cross-border and fun, with some mentioned; “Son of a Pig”, “Hairy Vaginas” or “Suicidal Talibans”.

Dirty Pigs is stepping off the beaten path in the digital world and giving back to society as they do – donating a percentage to all of their collections to charities. A perfect example is their Donald Trump-inspired collection called Trumpinos, which dedicates a portion to organizations fighting inequality and injustice for poverty and racial division.

Dirty Pigs is the first NFT project that allows minters to obtain merchandise, such as shirts, hats, backpacks, and more from NFTs they’ve minted before. For this they partner with popular online retailers such as Google, Fruugo, CDON, Zalando and others.

In addition to its exceptional NFT creation services, Dirty Pigs became the first NFT clothing brand to launch its wide range of products not only in the digital world, but also in the fashion world.

Introducing Dirty Pigs Merchandise

Dirty Pigs is an NFT marketplace to help influencers and celebrities launch their NFT brands using a turnkey solution. It is a metaverse commerce marketplace that creates digital identities and apparel using generative arts powered by machine learning in collaboration with intellectual organizations and several key industry influencers. The project aims to spark thinking for change and combat inequalities using the power of art and NFTs.

The project recently announced the launch of its clothing line at popular online retailers such as Google, DRUUGO, CDON and Zalando. By launching this product line, Dirty Pigs Merch has become the first NFT project to do so and set new standards in the blockchain industry.

The impending product drop will not only increase the popularity of NFTs, but will also allow the major players in the online retail industry to be a part of the blockchain industry. This move will reduce barriers to entry into the sector. DirtyPigs allows users to purchase the merchandise using cryptocurrency, credit or debit card online and in their future stores

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