Sharing games between two Oculus missions


If you bought the Oculus Quest 2 and want to give your old Quest VR headset to someone else in your household, you don’t have to buy your games twice. You can easily share games between two Oculus Quests headsets.

Oculus App Sharing makes it possible

Thanks to a feature introduced in the Quest through an update, you can now have multiple accounts on a Quest and share games purchased by one user with another. However, there are some limitations to keep in mind.

First of all, only the primary account on a particular Oculus Quest headset can share games. Each sub account still has its own online account and they can all buy their own games. They just can’t share them with anyone else on that headset.

So the main account and sub accounts can play games that the main account owns, but each sub account has its own saved games and progress. Assuming a game supports cloud sync, progress awaits them if a sub account owner gets their own headset. But of course they have to buy their own copy of a particular game.

The final limitation is that game developers must sign in to enable sharing between accounts. In practice, most Quest games support family sharing, but some notable titles (such as Beat Saber) Do not. You can check if a game supports family sharing on its shop page† Some DLC may also not work with family sharing, but this varies by app.

Set up family sharing

Setting up family sharing on a headset is easy as long as you do things in the right order. Keep in mind that both headsets need the same primary account. If you’ve set up your new headset with your primary account, you don’t need to change anything there, but if you’ve set up the secondary headset where you want to share games with someone else’s account first, you’ll need to do a factory reset . Once the factory reset is complete, simply set up that quest as if it were new and use the primary account from which you want to share the games.

If the second quest already has the correct account as primary, you don’t need to do anything special, we’re just going to add the sub accounts to the existing headset.

Since you can’t take system screenshots with the Quest, the images below were taken using the Quest’s casting feature. However, the quality of the stream is not really legible, so these images are for reference only.

Open “Settings” from the shortcut menu, then select “Accounts”.

Turn on “App Sharing” and then select “Add Account”. You can always enable App Sharing later if you forgot or don’t want to do it now. If you do not have a passcode or security pattern, you will be prompted for a password to protect the main account from subaccount holders.

You can now set up the new sub account or hand over the headset to that account holder if you wish.

The new user must now log in to their Facebook account and their Oculus account (if any). If they don’t have these accounts, they should choose the new user option. Once the introductory video plays, the new user is ready to go.

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Play Shared Games

Shared games already installed on the headset should appear in the subaccount library. Sub accounts can install games already purchased in the Apps section of the Quest interface. Sub-accounts are not allowed to access the Oculus Store on the headset as they will be prompted to purchase their own copy of the game.

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