SHIB 271.3 billion snatched by whale as another major SHIB investor expands portfolio

Yuri Molchan

Another whale bought a huge nugget of SHIB, while another top SHIB whale expanded its portfolio into a new cryptocurrency


Whale grabs 271.3 million Shiba InuSHIB whale buys AAVE and MKR

Data shared by WhaleStats, which was followed on Ether scan, shows that a major Ethereum investor has managed to acquire a staggering amount in Shiba Inu meme cryptocurrency, totaling more than 271 billion tokens.

In the meantime, another big SHIB whale (with $91 million worth of meme crypto) has been buying large amounts of other trending altcoins.

Whale grabs 271.3 million Shiba Inu

A 207-ranked whale on WhaleStats added a total of 271,370,420,630 SHIB to his crypto wealth after paying $6,542,740 for that bag of meme tokens.

Detailed information on this wallet from Etherscan shows that this whale has been buying and selling massive amounts of Shiba Inu lately, some of which are twice as many as the ones listed above.

Five days ago, he acquired the exact same amount in SHIB – 271,370,420,624 coins – but moved it a few hours after the purchase.

Earlier this week, U.Today reported that an Ethereum whale (an investor who holds large sums in crypto – worth at least a million USD) has purchased 200,588,182,473 Shiba Inu for $4,944,498.

Added to his previous purchase of SHIB, his balance after that purchase was a whopping 3,914,263,607,418 of the second most popular SHIB dog tag.

SHIB whale buys AAVE and MKR

“Sabo” wallet ranked 48 on the scale of WhaleStats, which holds $91,757,200 worth of SHIB, has expanded its crypto holdings by buying 1,024 Maker (MKR)and paid over $2 million for this stablecoin.

Another altcoin bought by the owner of “Sabo” was AAVE – 16,706 coins worth $2,746,299.

Image via Whale Statistics

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