SHIB 71 Billion Added by Major Investor as SHIB Returns as Whale’s Largest Property

Yuri Molchan

Whale, who bought 300 billion Shiba on Tuesday, has another 71 billion meme tokens and almost a million MATIC. purchased


70.6 Billion Shib Added By This WhaleSHIB Returns as Whales’ Largest Property

Whales continue to acquire Shiba Inu despite the currency dropping 11% over the past week. A major investor in the Ethereum chain has bought nearly 71 billion Shiba Inu while the token has reclaimed its place as the largest holding company aside from FTT.

70.6 Billion Shib Added By This Whale

According to a recent tweet published by WhaleStat’s on-chain data tracker targeting the largest wallets in the Ethereum chain, a whale with a wallet called “BlueWhale0073” purchased a total of 70,606,169,414 Shiba Inu.

This amount of crypto was worth $1,440,365 at the time of purchase.

On May 3, U.Today reported that the same crypto whale spent $6,149,369 buying 300,997,019,465 SHIB.


Aside from SHIB, bought “BlueWhale0073” earlier today 959,068 MATIC worth $1,024,285.

SHIB Returns as Whales’ Largest Property

WhaleStats has also reported that the second-largest meme cryptocurrency, Shiba Inu, has flipped FTT to regain its position as the largest crypto holding company in the USD equivalent of the largest 100 whales.

At the time of writing, the top 100 Ethereum portfolios have $961,204,646 in Shiba Inu, making it 15.13% of their composite portfolio. On April 3, for the first time in the past week, SHIB’s stock of whales cumulatively fell below the $1 billion level where it remains today.

FTT follows closely with $859,144,254, which is 13.52% of the whales’ portfolio.

MATIC tokens hold only 3.08% with the wallets holding $196,079,926 worth of Polygon’s native token.

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