SHIB Army Removes 405 Million Shiba Inu in Last 24 Hours: Report

Yuri Molchan

Nearly half a billion Shiba Inu are locked in dead wallets, further shrinking circulating supply

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The SHIB community has destroyed another massive amount of Shiba Inu since last morning, sending nearly half a billion meme coins to unspeakable addresses in the ecosystem.

Image via Shibburn

405 Million Shib Tokens Destroyed

Shibburn crypto-tracking service fetching data from etherscan has reported that in the past 24+ hours, various companies and individual burners have sent a total of 405,282,493 meme tokens from the circulating supply to a few “inferno” wallets.

This was done with the aim of making Shiba Inu a little more scarce with a chance of a price increase in the long run.


The largest single transfer was 112,462,000 SHIB. It happened about 12 hours ago from the address 0x28a121e4732d7cc5972b16e48590103b2574f806.

On Friday, U.Today reported that the newly established SHIB incineration portal burn.shibaswap had eliminated a whopping 25 billion Shiba Inu within just two weeks since its launch.

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