Smart #1 is an electric compact SUV and a rebirth for the Smart

(Pocket Ribbon) – Smart’s quirky little cars have always been urban-oriented, originally designed with personalization in mind and offering something different. With Mercedes behind the design, a collaboration with Geely in 2019 has now resulted in a new generation of Smart – the Smart #1.

The hashtag in the name should give an idea of ​​the target audience – young, social media natives. That’s not far from the original Smart concept, but now designed for a new era.

The Smart #1 is electric, with a motor that drives the rear wheels, and a design developed to provide greater interior space for up to five passengers. There is a floating roof design, recessed door handles and interesting lights in the front.


Sitting on 19-inch wheels, the Smart moves into a more competitive segment, appealing to those who may have been turned off by the small earlier models.

While the interior space has increased, there’s still only 273 liters of boot space, so it’s not huge, but that could suit the urban user well. There is also a 15 liter frunk.

What you do get is a 66 kWh battery, which is quite large for the size of this car – resulting in a given range of up to 473 miles.


There’s a 200kW motor, so we suspect it will be off the line pretty soon, while there’s support for charging up to 150kW. That suggests this will become a practical, everyday electric car for city and suburban drivers.

There is a range of digital displays inside, with a 9.2-inch display for the driver, along with a 10-inch heads-up display, while the center display is 12.8 inches.

It all looks very modern, with mood lighting and a floating dashboard design. There’s also a panoramic glass roof and a 13-speaker Beats sound system.


There will be a lot of driving assistance, connected functions, so that you can share digital keys with your friend and so on.

Through Chris Hall
April 1, 2022 Updated

It looks like a great addition to the electric cars already on the road. What we don’t know yet is how much it will cost and when you can buy it.

Written by Chris Hall.

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