Snoop Dogg’s son is a die-hard Cardano supporter, teases upcoming NFT release

Champ Medici, a crypto investor and NFT artist, has expressed his strong belief in the Cardano ecosystem and its creator, Charles Hoskinson, while teasing upcoming music content for Cardano. Champ Medici may be getting a bigger presence on the Cardano network as a result of its impending release.

Snoop Dogg, aka Cozomo Medici, and his son, Champ Medici, launched their official partnership with Cardano-based NFT project Clay Nation in April.

More than five million NFTs have been minted on the Cardano network. The number of native assets issued on the Cardano blockchain is currently 5,030,192, according to data, with 54,897 different coin policies.

The increase in the number of minted non-fungible art and projects is linked to the expansion of the Cardano network. According to CoinMarketCap data, Cardano is the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a market value of $22.29 billion at the time of writing.


The price of ADA increases by 28% as development activity reaches the highest level

On May 27, the ADA price fell to $0.44 before recovering. ADA traded up 28.40% at $0.669 at time of publication, marking the fourth straight day of positive price activity. ADA hit intraday highs of $0.689 earlier today and is up 28.93% in the past week.

Speaking about the recent price hike on ADA, on-chain analytics firm Holiness noted a corresponding increase in development activity, stating: “Cardano is one of many altcoins that have had a great start to the week, currently +13% in the last 24 hours. Development activity has reached AllTimeHigh levels, while ADA team worked on innovation while the prices were suppressed.”

According to recent statistics shared by IOHK regarding the network, 986 projects are currently building on Cardano, up from 943 previously. In total, 88 projects have recently been launched on Cardano, while the number of NFT projects has increased to 5,727.

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