Solana updates to version 1.8.14 after three days of “deteriorated performance”

Solana blockchain has been updated to version 1.8.14 after several days of degraded performance and congestion issues. The first reports of problems on the network appeared at the beginning of the year after users noted problems with transaction processing and network congestion while the blockchain was not heavily loaded.

Developers of another “Ethereum killer” expect to release additional performance updates in the next 8-12 weeks. But while developers expect further updates and service from the network, third-party services such as cross-chain bridge Wormhole are still warning their users about the existing potential of transfers being rejected by the network.

Formerly known Solana critic and founder of WeekInEthNew Evan Van Ness orphan from numerous problems with the SOL network. Van Ness has also made many comments about the existence of a separate “status” website for the Solana network.

“Status” websites are often used in Web2 to keep users informed about the current status of the network. While the solution is quite popular among centralized Web2 networks and services, only a few blockchain-related projects are known for having such services.

Downtime and network congestion

Currently, existing problems with the Solana network are not the first problems to arise in the “blockchain of the future”, as previously reported that the network went offline due to a “DDOs attack”.

A number of users have reacted extremely negatively after transaction processing issues were confirmed by developers, as the network previously stated that it is ready to operate under heavy loads and maintain low transaction costs – unlike its closest competitor, Ethereum.

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