Spellfire to Huobi Primelist on January 27

Spellfire is gaining strength. The legend is back better than ever.

Chase the $SPELLFIRE on the most prestigious launch pads – 25th @Daomaker and on the 26th @GameFi.

Immediately after the launchpads, Spellfire is on Huobi Primelist on the 27th, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. Achieving a Prime List on Huobi allows Spellfire to build on its exceptional reputation while gaining new levels of visibility for the project.

Huobi is the industry’s leading digital asset exchange in both liquidity and real trading volume. Their partnership bolsters Spellfire’s profile as one of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2022.

The listing of Spellfire on Huobi will introduce the project to a huge new audience of potential players and investors. In addition to providing our community with an easy way to access the $SPELLFIRE token, it also supports its long-term value.

This news comes shortly after the announced completion of the funding rounds. To date, the project has raised a whopping $3.8 million and is backed by industry leaders DAO Maker and Shima Capital, among others.

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic is a brand new take on one of the most historically significant card games (CCG) of the 1990s. Backed by the modern design implementations of the blockchain, NFTs and Play-to-Earn, Spellfire is poised to re-enter the market at the right time.

Most important features

The game is one of the first to market touchable NFT cards. In addition to each NFT having a physical and digital form, they are fully upgradeable and highly collectible.

Owners of original NFT cards can use up to 10x return on investment in passive income.

Exclusive Augmented-Reality maps create new levels of interaction with speech and gesture-enabled maps.

Players have the unique prospect of customizing and hitting their own NFT cards. Community members and real landmarks can be reinterpreted for the Spellfire world.

Multichain NFTs are planned in the next steps to provide epic cross-chain battle tournaments.

The unique mix of past and future

As it stands, Spellfire is a comprehensive package that packs 30 years of history into a Collectible Card Game (CCG) suitable for today’s gamers, whether they are most comfortable at a tabletop or for a monitor.

Players will immerse themselves in the magical world of Spellfire to fight powerful monsters, wage epic wars and become the ruler of some of the greatest empires in the land.

The nostalgic feeling many fans get from physical maps is an essential part of the experience, so the game is designed to seamlessly blend real printed maps with their digital equivalents.

Spellfire returns ownership to its players, in the form of NFT-based cards. The players will be able to own a part of the game they love while taking advantage of its success!

Master the magic @Spellfire.com

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