Splinterlands Smashed 1 Billion Battle Milestone: Details

Vladislav Sopova

Splinterlands, a next-gen card game ecosystem on blockchain, shares details of its latest achievement


Seven Million NFT Packs Sold, 400,000 Active Users, 1 Billion Battles: Splinterlands Meets 2022Wonderful range of partnerships

Decentralized card game Splinterlands concludes its first six months of mainnet operations with remarkable success. Besides being the number 1 game on Dappradar, it reports that the enthusiasts have played a record number of games.

Seven Million NFT Packs Sold, 400,000 Active Users, 1 Billion Battles: Splinterlands Meets 2022

According to the official announcement shared by the representatives of Splinterlands, after the massive spike in player activity, the ecosystem has broken some impressive milestones.

First of all, the net number of battles (PvP card game rounds) between the players of Splinterlands was over a billion. So far, Splinterlands is the first on-chain game to reach this milestone.

Jesse “Aggrood” Reich, CEO and co-founder of Splinterlands, emphasized that with this achievement, Splinterlands has cemented itself as the flagship protocol of the entire play-to-earn sphere:

I can’t help but be ecstatic. This is a historic moment in gaming history and I am so proud that Splinterlands is breaking new ground in the money making game.

In addition, the most popular series of cards, Chaos Legion, surpassed seven million NFT boxes sold in the first few days after launch. The net number of active blockchain accounts on the platform is over 400,000.

The game processes four million transactions per day, making it the most popular mainstream blockchain gaming hub.

Wonderful range of partnerships

Additionally, Splinterlands has been ranked #1 on the popular on-chain analytic dashboard Dappradar among all crypto games for six months in a row in terms of net number of users across the blockchains, WAX and Hive.

As previously described by U.Today, Splinterlands has entered into a number of partnerships with leading fintech and Web3 ecosystems. It has partnered with Gamestat.

In early January, it also signed a long-term partnership with TeraBlock to enable TeraBlock Bridge for on-chain assets.

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