Strange and beautiful views captured via Google Earth

(Pocket Ribbon) – The world is a beautiful place and with Google Earth you can travel almost the entire world in the blink of an eye.

This can also really open the eyes, as there are all kinds of places that, when viewed from above, take on a new meaning or look.

We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting places to poke around.

An underwater UFO?

UFO spotter Scott C. Waring found this place in the ocean near Peru. Waring claims that this object is “…100% evidence of ancient aliens and the technology is just sitting there at the bottom of the ocean.”

The location is conveniently located near the Nazca Lines of Peru which are said to be signs made to be seen by the gods above by people living in the area between 500 BC that such a UFO crashed into the ocean nearby and this is it.

We’re a little more cynical and if you zoom out and look around, there are quite a few of these shapes on the ocean floor that could instead be explained as naturally occurring underwater structures.

A stealth bomber

In December 2021 a Redditor spotted a sight you probably won’t see often. A stealth bomber in flight† Not living up to his name.

There’s also one over also on the British coastsbut at least it’s on the ground.

The Badlands Guardian

seen from above, there is a certain place in Alberta, Canada, where a natural formation of the land looks like a person’s face.

That person appears to be listening to music with headphones (actually a road and oil well) and staring thoughtfully into the distance.

California Swastika Building

Historically, the swastika symbol was a religious symbol for divinity and spirituality. But when the Nazis adopted it as their symbol during World War II, it took on a new meaning.

2008Google Earth users discovered this building in Coronado, California and the internet was outraged. It turns out that this complex is a US Navy building that was originally built in 1967. The building evolved over time and eventually became what it is today.

The Navy agreed to do something about it and camouflage its shape after the discovery sparked controversy on the Internet.

Blood Lake (Lago Vermelho)

Just outside Baghdad in Iraq is a bright red lake that looks like it was made of blood.

When it was first noticed, it was suggested that it was caused by local slaughterhouses dumping waste into the canals, but it is more likely to be caused by pollution.

Anyway, it’s a curiosity.

Airplane graveyard

Just outside Tucson, Arizona, is the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This base is the final resting place for thousands of obsolete military aircraft.

Look at Google Earth 3D Mode and you see all kinds of broken planes.

The world’s largest solar park

This is the the world’s largest solar park based in India. It covers 14,000 hectares of land and produces 2.25 GW of power.

This region of India is known for its high temperatures and sunny weather, making it perfect for such an installation.

White Horse of Uffington

This is the white horse of uffingtona prehistoric figure carved into the hills of the English countryside in Oxfordshire.

The horse is formed from deep ditches filled with chalk. The artwork on the hill is said to be at least 3000 years old.

Every time we see this rendering, we wonder how the original creators knew what they were making when they didn’t have the benefit of such a detailed aerial view.

The Giant Triangle

In Wittmann, Arizona, there is a giant triangle inexplicably located just outside the city. The thing is huge and it looks like it’s Superman’s sign that his people are carved into the land.

Unfortunately it’s really just a disused airport† Looks very cool from above.

A guitar-shaped forest

In part of the fertile region of Argentina, there is a certain piece of land where a farmer has grown a guitar-shaped forest in memory of his wife.

Pedro Martin Ureta and his four children started planting 7,000 trees to grow a beautiful guitar shape. Formed from cypress and eucalyptus trees, the end result is stunning when viewed from above. A beautiful tribute to the lady who inspired the idea

Heart-shaped lake

This beautiful private property located in Columbia Station, Ohio, has a seriously romantic lake in the shape of a heart.


Giant target

In the depths of Nevada there is a gigantic target apparently painted on the floor.

It is thought that this gigantic thing will probably be an aerial calibration target† These types of markings are common throughout the US and were used in the 1950s and 1960s to calibrate, focus and test aerial photography equipment.

Whipsnade White Lion

Just outside the Whipsnade Zoo, a huge lion is carved into the side of the hill, creating another stunning chalk artwork in the English countryside.

This is one of different hill figures spread across the country. The lion is one of the newest dating back to just 1931. While the others go back centuries.

Potassium Ponds

This wonderfully colorful face is known as Potassium Ponds† These are mines used in making various fertilizers.

The ponds look like this because of the chemical composition in the water. Because copper sulfate is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and algae, the result is an inviting blue glow that resembles the Mediterranean oceans.

Coca Cola

In Chile you will find The world’s largest Coca-Cola logo

This monument to capitalism was originally created several decades ago to commemorate 100 years of the brand (since its update to 125 years).

The so-called geo sign was made with 70,000 empty Coca Cola bottles to make it big enough to hold see from space

Richat structure

This is the Richat structure, also known as the eye of the Sahara. It is an area of ​​geological erosion with exposed sedimentary rock and layers of igneous formations.

The erosion has created a beautiful view that can be seen especially well from above.

A swimming pool in a river

In Berlin, on the river Spree, is a swimming pool† But not just any pool, a pool built on a river.

Weird, beautiful and a little wild?

Mattel logo

In El Segundo, California is Mattel . Global Headquarters† The building seen here is quite magnificent, but the Mattel logo on the floor is even more impressive.

Through Bag-fluff Promotion
September 24, 2021

Seen through Google Earth, it’s just as good.

UTA Flight 772 Desert Monument

1989, UTA Flight 772 bound for Paris was blown up by Libyan terrorists while flying over the Sahara desert. All on board were killed.

The remains of the plane were scattered across the desert below and in place, a memorial was built. That monument consisted of a dark stone circle surrounded by 170 broken mirrors to represent the deceased. It is a poignant memorial to those who passed. Years ago it was clearly visible from the air but now it is weathered by the passage of time and desert sand.

Barringer Meteor Crater

Barringer Meteor Crater is one of the many meteor craters on earth. It is said to be 50,000 years old, 560 feet deep, and a heck of a sight.

It is certainly impressive when viewed from the air.

Curious pattern

In China there is a curious place in a desert area with some weird and wonderful patterns marking the landscape. We wonder how this could have happened. Is it man-made or natural erosion that has created a curious pattern in the landscape?

Irrigated fields

In the Washington State, USA, there is a large area of ​​satisfyingly awe-inspiring circles of farmland. This is an area with central irrigation areas where crops are efficiently watered with a rotating sprinkler system. A clever bit of farming and a great view from above.

Written by Adrian Willings. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.

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