Tesla allows third-party EV support on more EU Superchargers

(Pocket Ribbon) – Starting today, select Superchargers in France and Noway will start working with non-Tesla electric vehicles.

Eligible locations can be viewed in the Tesla app and it seems there are currently 20 locations in France and 15 in Norway.

In November, Tesla began opening up its Supercharger network to access third-party electric vehicles. The program was initially launched with 10 Supercharger stations throughout the Netherlands.

To take advantage of the pilot program, it is currently available to EV drivers in the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, France and Belgium.

Tesla owners can of course use the stations as usual, but vehicles with CCS can also use the chargers.

Tesla stated in a blog postthat non-Tesla EVs will have to pay additional fees to “support the charging of a wide variety of vehicles and modifications to our locations to accommodate these vehicles”.

Tesla also said it will monitor congestion at each site included in the program and that future expansion will depend on capacity.

The post states that it has long been an ambition to open up Supercharger sites to other EVs, as better charging infrastructure will encourage more drivers to opt for EVs.

Another huge benefit is that “more customers using the Supercharger network allow for faster expansion.”

If the pilot proves successful, that sounds like good news for all EV owners, Tesla or not.

Through Chris Hall
January 2, 2022

Written by Luke Baker.

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