The 10 Best Cars From The Barrett-Jackson Car Show 2022

If you love cars as much as I do, you know that the Barrett-Jackson auction is celebrating its 50th anniversary. From January 22 to 30, head to Scottsdale, Arizona to see what paradise looks like for gearheads. Event leaders released a hardcover book to commemorate the milestone, which you can purchase at the event or on the official website.

Car collectors have a particularly shiny lineup to check out this year. One car won the Havana Grand Prius in 1957. If you ever wanted to share a seat with the greats, that bright red beauty is up for grabs.

That’s just one of many luxurious, high-performing cars I want to highlight today. I never miss a show, and my husband Barry and I had a blast viewing the most desirable vehicles in the world. Here are our top 10 favorite cars on the show – let me know which one is your favorite facebook or Twitter!

Let’s start with some cars you can actually afford

Before we dive in, you should know that these are all cars with no reserve. That means the owner does not have a specific price that you must meet before you sell it. The highest bid wins.

If you’re new to car auctions, here’s a quick explanation. Occasionally, car salesmen have reserves, or a minimum amount of cash they are willing to sell for. If the auctioneers don’t reach that number, the car won’t be sold.

Cars on this list drive on a different road. They are not subject to reserves. They will sell anyway so watch closely as these are some piping hot rides.

We’ll start from No 10 before finishing strong with my top car. First, here are two vehicles that aren’t exceedingly expensive. If you want something that isn’t too expensive you can hit the road and drive, consider this one!

Ford Broncos are incredibly popular. This blast from the past is original, but has undergone a full restoration. The auction is now underway and will end Saturday night. It is painted in Victory Red high gloss with a beautiful custom interior.

According to the listing, “Suspension is new with a 4-inch Rough Country lift, front end rebuilt, original transmission and transfer case also rebuilt.” This is the perfect blend of new technology and classic style.

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Car collectors agree that the 1969 Camaro is iconic. Between 1967 and 1993 it was the official Indianapolis 500 pace car four times.

This special treasure has had only two owners during its lifetime. It has 7,000 km on the odometer. Every nut and bolt on this car has been restored or replaced.

In addition, it has been completely rebuilt with a 427 cubic edge solid-lifter motor and a 560 horsepower motor. It even has a vintage-looking Bluetooth radio so you can enjoy modern music with your old-fashioned aesthetic.

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This is where the pocket busters begin.

This car has 536 horsepower with a range of 360 miles. It was created by California-based Karma Automotive exclusively for music artist Pitbull, who is now offering it for charity.

Wondering what the 305 in the name is for? It is the area code for Miami, chosen because Pitbull is from Miami.

Proceeds go to the adoption-oriented Selfless Love Foundation just like the SLAM! foundationwhich focuses on academic resources for students.

This car basically drives itself. It’s all black on black, with a sleek interior and exterior.

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Do you love cars that come fresh off the assembly line? Then you will love this ride. It was the very first Chevy Corvette from 2023, so when you buy this one you get the first retail production.

According to the site, “The new American supercar is distinguished by its beating heart, the all-new 5.5-litre LT6, the highest-power naturally aspirated V8 ever to hit a production car. An all-new flat-plane crankshaft design entices drivers to push the tachometer to a lofty 8600 rpm, generating 670 horsepower. Almost every exterior detail unique to the Z06 serves an aerodynamic, handling or cooling purpose, with styling cues that accentuate the car’s sense of motion.”

Well that sounds special! The proceeds of this car will go to: Operation Home Fronta non-profit organization that helps military families thrive.

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If you want a street-legal race car, look no further than this visually stunning car. I like the colors blue and orange. It is powered by a 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The orange brake calipers and silver rear-view mirror caps give it a beautiful, unique look. And it’s always great to get a car that’s been driven very little.

Fun fact: The Gulf Oil racing livery pays tribute to the Ford GT40. (That’s the only post-war car to win the Le Mans race) two years in a rowfrom 1968 to 1969.) I love how this car reflects history in a chic way.

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This car comes with a 427-inch engine and a CSX 3356. It was originally sold by a company that no longer exists called Paradise Ford of Scottsdale in 1967. Fun fact: That’s where the modern Scottsdale Fashion Square sit!

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Few things make me happier than the pop of the iconic Mercedes-Benz Fire Engine Red paint. With a gray interior and a thorough restoration, this car is a feast for the eyes. I always get a happy smile and wave when I drive old cars like this one.

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Cool white on the inside, stylish red on the outside, this ride is a true supercar in every way. Only 918 of these cars were made, hence the name.

According to the car’s description, “The 918 is powered by a naturally aspirated 4.6-litre V8 engine derived from the RS Spyder LMP2 race car and mated to Porsche’s 7-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission.”

It has two electric motors in the front and axles that work together with the motor. Overall, it has a total power of 887 horsepower. My guess is that this car, which has 377 miles, will sell for over $2 million.

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Be still, my heart. This is a real race car that also happens to be street legal. This tough guy pays tribute to the historic 1966 Le Mans-winning GT40 Mark II race car. (It shares this trait with number 6 on this list!)

The dark shell of this black beauty is lined with beautiful silver stripes and bright white graphics. I love how the design is simple yet striking – and its powerful 647 horsepower, 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine doesn’t hurt either. It can zoom to 60 mph in just three seconds. With a top speed of over 216 mph, this car feels like lightning.

Did I mention it only has 36 miles on the odometer? Since it is in pristine condition, I can imagine it will sell for about $2.5 to 3 million.

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I can’t blame you for drooling. Professional racing driver Santiago “Chaquito” Gonzales drove this cherry red wonder to first place in the 1957 Havana Gran Prix National Race. The Ministry of Police in Havana, Cuba was the first owner.

Imported to the USA in 1961, this car has only 57,166 miles on the clock. It is bright red with a brown leather interior. Oh, and when you buy it, it comes with a matching set of 1955 Mercedes Benz cases in the same tan leather.

According to the website: “This original body gullwing received a major restoration by its third owner in the 1990s at approximately 92,000 kilometers (57,166 miles), including a bare metal repaint, new interior, rebuilt gauges, refreshed brightwork and rebuilt engine, transmission and brakes A second engine overhaul was performed by the fourth owner in 2003. This 300SL now has 95,377 actual kilometers (59,265 miles).”

Oh, and it comes with thorough documentation. We estimate this to be between $1.5 and 2.5 million.

Want to see if sitting in the seat will infuse you with the racing superstar energy? There is only one way to find out: make an offer yourself!


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