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Why Suffer Through the Super Bowl? With less than two weeks until the big game, it’s time for a bigger and better TV. As always, manufacturers are making insane sales to help you set up, and they’re even slashing prices on some futuristic 8K TVs.

You have until February 13 to get ready for Super Bowl LVI, where the Bengals and Rams will face each other for the first time in years. Since there’s no time to chew on the fat, let’s get started right away. Here are the 15 best Super Bowl TV deals of 2022.

Budget and Mid-Range Super Bowl TV Deals

Even with big discounts, TVs cost a lot of money. Not everyone has a bucket of money to spend on a new screen, and of course it can be difficult to convince your loved ones that a super-expensive TV is worth it. That’s why we’re dedicating seven deals to high-end 4K TVs that cost less than $1,000.

Here are the best budget and mid-range Super Bowl TV deals:

I highly recommend grabbing one of the QLED or ULED TVs available during the 2022 Super Bowl sales bump. They are slightly more expensive than regular LCD or LED TVs, but their deep contrast and vibrant colors will change your life.


$999.99 Save 20%

High End Super Bowl TV Deals


If you want to go all out on a huge, beautiful new TV, these are the deals for you. Brands like Samsung, TCL and Hisense are slashing the prices of their best and biggest TVs, and they’re even offering futuristic 8K models at a serious discount.

Samsung 55″ The Frame QLED 4K Tizen TV: $1,000 ($500 off)
LG 75″ NanoCell 75 LED 4K UHD webOS TV: $1,000 ($300 off)
TCL 85 “4-Series 4K UHD Smart Roku TV”: $1,600 ($200 off)
LG 75″ NanoCell 90 LED 4K UHD webOS TV: $1,700 ($400 off)
Samsung 85″ Q60A QLED 4K UHD Tizen TV: $2,000 ($800 off)
Hisense 75″ U9DG Dual Cell 4K ULED Android TV: $2,000 ($1,000 off)
Hisense 75″ U800GR 8K ULED Roku TV: $2,400 ($300 off)
Samsung 85″ Q80A QLED 4K Tizen TV: $2,700 ($1,000 off)

Of all the high-end Super Bowl TV deals, the Hisense U800GR and Samsung Q80A perhaps the best. These massive TVs support HDR, have a refresh rate of 120 Hz and, of course, feature QLED technology.

Just want a big TV at a great price? That 75-inch LG NanoCell TV is a total buy for just $1,000. It comes with a voice remote, offers HDR support and has great built-in speakers.

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