The 4 Reasons Edensol Is The Most Popular Gaming Metaverse

NFT Metaverses became by far the hottest trend in the gaming universe in 2021. The explosive success of games like Axie Infinity, which has now surpassed $3 billion in NFTs seems to be the beginning of a new era where gaming and crypto meet – and gamers can finally reap extraordinary rewards for their talents.

The benefits of NFTs for gaming are enormous:

They convert in-game assets (characters, costumes, weapons and more) into unique and valuable crypto tokens that can be traded and collected for profit. The Play to Earn (P2E) model enables the most talented games to earn NFT rewards for their gaming achievements and wins – a first in the history of global gaming. They represent an unprecedented and highly attractive asset class for investors, who can benefit financially from the growth of the most successful gaming ecosystems and the intrinsic rarity of each NFT.

A new game is about to take the sector by storm – Edensol. Built on the highly versatile and powerful Solana Blockchain, Edensol is the ultimate action role-playing NFT game developed by Golem House. While new NFT games are being made released in growing numbers, the Golem House team developed Edensol to stand out in space, thanks to its potential for long-term growth and a positive gamer experience. The clear realization is that the NFT advantage, while powerful, can only turn a gaming Metaverse into a resounding global success if the gameplay is exciting and addictive.

That’s why Edensol brings to space an exciting combination of fantasy, action, competition and unbeatable rewards:

Extraordinary Gameplay – Edensol is both engaging and competitive. Players can choose to be unique heroes (Warriors, Rangers and Mages) who fight monsters on unforgettable missions. Alternatively, they can choose to fight one-on-one against other heroes to determine who the greatest really is – and who will receive a plethora of NFT and NSOL token rewards.

Valuable NFTs – Edensol was designed with an obsessive focus to make all in-game NFTs uncompromisingly original, valuable and collectible for enthusiasts and investors alike. The range of potential NFTs is unparalleled: special weapons, upgraded combat gear, limited edition clothing, pets, eggs and much more. This ensures that all gamers and NFT collectors can find something they like, while the rarity component ignites the fire of long-term prize gains.

An ecosystem designed for growth – Solana is made to scale, thanks to its mind-boggling speed (710,000 transactions per second) and transaction costs as low as $0.0001 – virtually nothing. By building on Solana, Edensol provides a fast and inexpensive way to actively buy and trade NFTs compared to the more expensive Ethereum-based alternatives. In addition, with the 5th largest crypto market capitalization in the world and cross-chain compatibility, Solana ensures that Edensol’s NFTs are always liquid.

Epic Tournaments – Tournaments are where Edensol becomes a spectator sport and the ultimate public arena for players around the world to measure their skills against. Players can participate freely and win prizes, including Edensol’s own cryptocurrency, the ESOL, and a wide variety of valuable NFTs. In addition, eSports enthusiasts can stream matches and actively bet on the outcome with ESOL along with players, ultimately increasing the game’s popularity and engagement.

Land NFTs and Guilds – Land NFTs are tied to territory within a particular Metaverse, which grows in value and generates passive income as the game attracts more players and NFT investors. The world of Edensol is divided into plots that can be conquered by guilds, groups of players who use NSOL tokens to occupy lands and fight for rare NFTs. Guild members share the income from land revenue and can raid to conquer more land from other guilds and thus build a valuable virtual land NFT empire.

The action and excitement of the NFT metaverses is firmly on the radar of investors, who are making big bets on the sector:

Raised Sidus Heroes over $21 million in his IDO. Gamers invested $203 million in the NFT digital land sale of Ember Sword in August 2021. In the public fundraising round, the MOBA game SolChicks has raised $20 million at a $400 million valuation in Nov 2021.

Edensol is an NFT metaverse that aims to dominate this new era and become a recognized name among the gaming, NFT investment and VC communities. Taking advantage of the unique gameplay and NFTs, investors and gamers alike are positioned to take advantage of its immense growth potential.

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