The Best Apple AirTag Accessories of 2022


Update, 4/4/22: We’ve reviewed our recommendations and believe they are still the best AirTag accessories money can buy.

What to Look for When Buying an AirTag Accessory in 2022

Unlike others popular Bluetooth trackers, the Apple AirTag doesn’t have a built-in clip or any real way to attach it to your gear. Instead, you can freely place the disc-shaped tracker in a purse, purse, or wallet, or you can purchase an accessory that allows you to attach it to your keys, briefcase, or sunglasses.

The good news is that there are more than a handful of first and third accessories available for the AirTag. While Apple has mainly focused on the basics with ways to attach the Bluetooth tracker to your keys or bag, other companies such as Moment, Nomad and Belkin have created unique accessories to suit your every need.

Each item in our collection below has been expertly chosen based on our knowledge of the company manufacturing the accessory and the use case that best fits.



Looks nice Durable Color options


Must be included with the AirTag Costs the same as the AirTag itself

AirTag accessories really only serve one purpose: to allow you to attach the tracker to something. With that in mind, the best accessory for most people is the simple one AirTag Loop

The AirTag Loop is lightweight and durable thanks to its polyurethane material and comes in four colors to match your style. You tie the AirTag in the bag and pull it through the slot at the end to close the loop. Simple and effective.

It’s a bit strange that the AirTag Loop costs the same as the AirTag itself ($29), but both are affordable and make a good pair.

Best AirTag Accessory Overall

Apple AirTag Loop

The Apple AirTag Loop is a simple, high-quality loop that does the job and looks good too.



Cheaper than official Loop Rope is strong and durable Color options


Not as attractive as official Loop

The Belkin Secure Holder with Strap is the same concept as the Apple Loop, but a little more low-tech. Insert the AirTag into the rubber holder and use the supplied rope loop to attach it to various objects. Belkin has a keychain option in case you are not a fan of the rope.

The Belkin mount comes in four colors and costs less than half the price of the Apple Loop. It may not be as stylish, but the functionality is the same, and $13 is a great price before.

Best Budget AirTag Accessory

Justin Duino


High quality leather Looks very classy and premium Keychain protects the AirTag. fully Walk is affordable


Keychain is a bit pricey

If you’re looking for something stylish for your AirTag, look no further than: Nomad’s Leather Loop and Leather Keychain† They both look great without costing a dozen times more than the AirTag itself. Looking at you, Hermes

Nomad uses high quality Horween leather for both the loop and the key fob. The Loop is unobtrusive and attaches to the AirTag with glue. The Keychain is slightly larger and has a thermoformed pocket for the AirTag. Both come with key rings so you can attach the Airtag to most items you need it to.

The Nomad Loop and Keychain are available in Rustic Brown and Black. The Loop starts at $25 for the brown and $5 more for black. The keychain is available for $40 in both color options.



Easily add color to the AirTag Holds the AirTag firmly and has a rope loop


A bit pricey for what it is

dbrand is a company known for making high-quality skins for all kinds of gadgets, so of course they have an accessory for AirTags, at. The Grip case is a lightweight holder that comes with a key ring and lanyard.

Since this is dbrand, the Grip Case also comes with a skin of your choice for the AirTag. There is a wide variety of colors, patterns and materials to choose from. If you’re looking for ultimate customization, this is a good choice.

The dbrand Grip Case & Skin costs $20, and there are additional add-ons if you want more cases and skins.



Great for certain difficult attachments Protects the AirTag Good price


May not work in every situation

Not everything you want to track has a convenient way to attach an AirTag. Moment’s Fabric Mount uses an adhesive backing so you can stick it on almost anything.

The holder is made of a stretchy fabric that AirTag like a bag. You stick it on the item you want to track and it’s ready to use. This also makes it more discreet than some of the other options in this list.

The Moment Fabric Mount is available in black and costs just $15. For all those items that don’t work with Velcro, this is a nice option.



Perfect for a very specific use case Protects the AirTag

The award for the most random, yet still useful AirTag accessory we’ve seen goes to the Nomad Glasses Band† This is a strap that holds the AirTag and acts as a cord for your glasses.

The attachment points should work for almost any pair of sunglasses. The AirTag holder also doubles as a tensioner to keep the sunglasses tight on your head while you’re active. And because this is an AirTag accessory, you always know where your glasses are. It’s actually quite useful!

The Nomad Glasses Strap comes in black and retails for $30.

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