The Best USB-C Hub 2022: Perfect USB-C Docks

(Pocket Ribbon) – USB-C is a great thing – it took quite some time for the standard to really spread across the industry, but now more laptops and computers than ever come with USB-C ports that can be used for all kinds of things.

Whether it’s charging, display connections, or any number of peripherals, it’s a port that can do it all, but one downside of the revolution that’s come with it is that some laptops and tablets have taken the opportunity to make it any port they use. come with.

If you only have one port to play with, it can be a nightmare trying to do things like charging and relaying your display to a monitor at the same time. That’s why we’ve rounded up some great hubs for you to check out.

These devices allow you to connect your laptop or tablet to a whole range of accessories and other devices, making them a must for anyone who works from home or wants the ability to do so more comfortably.

Best USB-C Hubs in 2022

Dock case Visual Smart HubTwelve South Stay GoMoshi Symbus MiniKingston Nucleum USB-C AdapterBelkin USB-C 4-Port Mini HubAnchor USB C Hub Adapter 5-in-1

Our Top Picks: The Best USB-C Hub

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Dock case Visual Smart Hub


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100W PD pass-through Built-in display Up to 5 Gbps transfers


The screen is difficult to read in bright conditions

The Dockcase Visual Smart Hub stands out from the crowd by being the first USB-C hub with a built-in display. It may not seem like a necessary addition, but in practice it is very nice to have.

The screen will tell you which devices are connected and the speed of each device, along with details of your charger’s volts and amperage, and the resolution and refresh rate of a connected screen. It makes troubleshooting a breeze.

Other than its main party trick, the Dockcase hub is just an all-around solid USB-C hub with beautiful build and impressive specs – all for a reasonable price. What more can you ask for?

USB-C hubs we also recommend

While we think the Dockcase Visual Smart Hub is a good choice, it won’t be the perfect hub for everyone. So, here are some other top USB-C hub options we recommend checking out.

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Twelve South Stay Go


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Fast 7.5W charging power Well built and beautifully designed 4K HMDI and Gigabit Ethernet


Simple and elegant, this is another great hub from Twelve South, making a wide range of impressive accessories for laptop users. We’ve been using the StayGo for months and the hub has many of the connections you probably want, including 4K HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, SD and micro SD slots, and more.

That makes it great for users who might need a variety of uses for it, and it’s also impressively small and really portable, even including its own cable to connect to your computer, built into the body itself. Plus, it’s really well made and sturdy enough to stand still on your desk.


Moshi Symbus Mini


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Magnetic Cable Management Fast USB and Card Reader Transfers HDMI Supports 4K 60Hz HDR


The connection cable is quite short

One of the most versatile USB-C hubs out there, the Symbus Mini is nice and compact yet packs in dual USB-A (USB 3.1) ports, SD and microSD, HDMI 2.0 for output up to 60Hz 4K and another USB-C charging port for Power Delivery (PD) up to 70W.

We have to say we missed the Gigabit Ethernet port on the first pass, but it’s there and it flips out – it’s a slim port.

The Symbus Mini is great for travel and the cable tucks away neatly – a portable dock that can do it all.


Kingston Nucleum USB-C Adapter


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Small and lightweight Designed to match the MacBook finish Lots of ports considering its size


This is a hub that’s closer to a dongle considering how small and smart it is, and that’s a really good thing in our books. Kingston has downsized its hub to only hold what you need, and most importantly by getting two USB-C ports onboard so you can charge while using other accessories. You also get standard USB ports and memory card slots.

There’s also an HDMI slot to top it off, which ticks off the ports we’d ask for. If you need longer range you may need to get a bigger hub, but for a really reasonable price we think it’s probably the best hub for most people.


Belkin USB-C 4-Port Mini Hub with Attached USB-C Cable


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Well priced Up to 5 Gbps transfers Very portable


Another really solid option is offered by this swish little hub from Belkin, which takes the shape even further back and lowers the price too. If you’re just looking for a few USB-C ports and a few USB-A ports for older accessories, this will do the trick. That said, the Kingston offers a few more gates for almost the same price, making it win.

Still, we really like the design of this hub. It will depend very much on the individual what is perfect.


Anchor USB C Hub Adapter, 5-in-1


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An affordable choice Up to 5 Gbps speeds Nice and small


However, some people won’t be looking for dozens of ports in one hub – a simple little dongle might be all they need. For example, Apple’s own official USB-C dongle only has three ports, but it represents pretty poor value compared to Anker’s option.

You can plug in memory cards, an HDMI cable and two USB-A cables, which may not be the most advanced set of options, but is probably more than enough for many people who just want a few extra ports to play with.

Other USB-C Hubs We Considered

When we initially decided on what we think are the best USB-C hubs currently available, we spent hours testing and researching. Regardless of the topic, we always consider a range of factors when it comes to recommending devices — and apply the same process before a new device makes it into our top five picks. We consider not only our own testing, but also consumer reviews, brand quality and value.

In all our roundups, there are also many products that we test that do not make the final cut. Since they may be suitable for some people, we have listed them below.

Choosing a USB-C Hub

Choosing a high-quality USB-C hub can be quite an overwhelming task, especially with such a variety of ports, styles, and standards on offer. If you need a little more help narrowing down the options, here are some things we recommend to think about before choosing a hub.

What do you need to plug in?

It’s a pretty basic one, but it can be incredibly easy to overlook a gate if you’re not careful. We recommend that you think about all the devices you will likely need to connect at once and make sure that your chosen hub has all the required ports.

For example, a typical home office setup might include a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and headset or speakers. Then you are looking for a hub with an HDMI output, at least two USB ports and a 3.5 mm audio connection.

If you’re plugging in something that requires a high transfer rate, like an external SSD, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the speeds offered by the hub, but things like mice and keyboards won’t. equally important.

Does your device use USB-C for power?

If your laptop charges via USB-C, you may want to look for a hub that provides USB-C power. Of course, if you have multiple USB-C ports, you can use one for charging and one for the hub, which can also save you some money.

If you opt for a hub that provides power, it is important to check the wattage it supports to get the full benefit. If you’re used to charging with a 100W charger and your hub only supports 65W, it will charge much slower or may not even be compatible at all.

At home or on the go?

Finally, it is important to consider whether your hub will only be used at home or whether you also want to take it with you. Different hubs are designed with different usage scenarios in mind, and choosing the wrong one can leave you with a pretty clunky device.

Hubs designed for living in one place tend to be larger and heavier devices that are less likely to get bumped on your desk, while hubs designed for living on the go tend to be lighter, smaller, and easier to carry.

More about this story

Each product in this list has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure it will perform exactly as a recommended choice should.

We’ve thought of everything, keeping in mind how each model will perform when used at home or outdoors. This meant a dive into key specs and features like portability, build quality, transfer speeds, display outputs, and more. From there, we crossed our judgments with each individual price tag to ensure they also represent good value for money.

As with any collection, it’s not possible to provide a list that will work for every type of user, but we draw on the experiences and opinions of the wider Pocket-lint team – as well as a thorough assessment of the areas above – to help our best in this regard.

What we always avoid when putting together these picks are unnecessary spec comparisons and marketing rules; we just want to provide an easy-to-understand summary that gives you an idea of ​​how to use each monitor. Our statements are concise, but this is purely for the sake of brevity.

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