The hidden benefits of a SimpliSafe home security system

When you think of a home security system, you can imagine bandits and creepy burglars, dressed all in black, lurking on the edge of your house, trying to find their way in. You think of the loud intruder alarm and that critical four-digit secure PIN that you often see dramatized in the movies.

While Hollywood has done its best to portray burglars and security systems, it fails to show the other key benefits and how a home security system is more than just protection against modern day burglars. You must have heard Kim talk about her sponsor, SimpliSafe† Kim not only uses SimpliSafe, but also many of her employees.

You may know the obvious reasons why: Kim uses and recommends SimpliSafebut did you know about all the hidden benefits of a home security system?

1. Protection against invisible threats

Sometimes the threat to your home is not a suspicious burglar but an invisible and invisible gas. Carbon monoxide, also known as the invisible killer, is a colorless and odorless gas that takes thousands of people to the emergency room every year and kills hundreds of people from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Unfortunately, symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning often go unnoticed and can occur at night while the whole family is asleep.

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The importance of a carbon monoxide sensor is unprecedented and is often an option in most home security systems. If the sensor detects high levels of carbon monoxide, it will sound an alarm, giving you and your family some much-needed time to get out of the house before it’s too late.

2. Keep an eye on your family members and your pets

Access your home camera on your mobile device anytime, anywhere. Of SimpliSafeyou will get a push or text alert when your system detects activity.

Know exactly what time your kids get home from school and keep an eye on what the dog is doing while you are away with SimpliCam in HD. Check in with the hired house contractors or get a notification when the liquor cabinet is robbed.

If you have to let a family member, friend or contractor in and can’t get some free time to meet them, all you need to do is turn off your system from your mobile device and let them in with just a few clicks. Convenience and protection are all within reach.

3. Catch leaking pipes before they become expensive problems

Every year, thousands of homes are affected by water damage and plumbing freezes, costing many homeowners an arm and a leg in repairs. Most major water damage starts as a small leak that could have been prevented if the homeowners knew there was even one leak.

Leaks and frozen pipes can burst and cause dangerous mold and even flood your home, damaging not only your home but also your furniture and valuables. Detect leaks and prevent pipes from freezing with a home security system such as SimpliSafe that warns you when a leak is detected or when your home threatens to drop below freezing.

4. Peace of mind to focus on what matters most

You don’t have to worry about intruders, invisible carbon monoxide gas, leaking or frozen pipes, and you don’t even have to wonder if your kids got home safely from school, freeing up much-needed headroom.

The time you spend worrying about your home can now be used to focus on what matters most. You can focus on your hobbies, career or just enjoy a night out with friends knowing your home and family are safe.

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