The Most Hyped Cardano NFT Project Adds Snoop Dogg’s Son To Its roster

Gamza Khanzadaev

Champ Medici joins Clay Nation to build strategic partnerships and discover new audiences

As was recently familiarSnoop Dogg’s son Champ Medici has officially joined the Cardano NFT project “Clay Mates” team. According to the official announcement, Medici is joining the project to develop strategic partnerships and increase audience reach.


We take our relationship with @champmedici up a notch

Champ will work closely with our team to build strategic partnerships; helps us move Clay Nation forward and reach new audiences 🌵

Let’s do this!

— Clay Nation 🏕️ (@claymates) August 16, 2022

Champ Medici is a longtime fan of Clay Nation and has repeatedly expressed his love for what is probably the hottest of the Cardano NFT projects. In addition, both Medici himself and his father, Snoop Dogg, a great enthusiast in the field of cryptocurrencies and especially NFT, have previously collaborated with Clay Nation. As part of the collaboration, the project’s creative team even presented them with NFT avatars of the artists.

It’s also worth noting that Medici is one of the few public figures to support Cardano. On this occasion, he and his father even met Cardano founder and leader Charles Hoskinson in April, where they discussed both entertainment projects and blockchain itself.

NFT will rise again

As for the NFT industry, the ambitions and impulses of enthusiasts of this sector of the crypto market have gone nowhere. Despite the fact that this should be the riskiest and obscure segment of the market, the prices of NFT assets have fallen lower compared to the rest of the market and more and more projects are appearing on the NFT horizon.


Many are of course washed away as Ethereum’s value drops, but those who are serious and actively involved in both the team and their creations seem to have every chance of success in the future.

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