The Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Recap

It was a quiet Tuesday for a fresh mint. Each weekday we cover the daily dose of NFT action – and although today was a slower day, there’s still plenty of action to quickly recap. In sports NFTs, Candy Digital – the arguable leader in the world of baseball NFTs – unrolls dynamic NFTs. Meanwhile, Crabada explodes on the Avalanche network and one of the largest financial credit and debit card providers and payment processors is filing new trademark applications around NFTs.

Let’s look at it all in a bite-sized daily summary:

The Nightly Coin

Latest Coin: Dynamic NFTs on Candy Digital

Dynamic NFTs have largely remained under the radar, especially among older projects that have become the biggest and brightest. Candy Digital, which has a partnership with Major League Baseball, is working on dynamic NFTs, according to today’s reports, and is starting a series titled “MLB ICON Leadoff.” It could lead to early replays of fantasy sports intertwined with NFTs (albeit indirectly here, as fantasy sports are not mentioned in this application), as Candy Digital will integrate player performance from each game. It is an important development to take sports NFTs to the next level.

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Mastercard has filed for patents related to Metaverse and NFT engagement. † Source: NYSE: MA at

Mastercard Getting started?

Visa and Mastercard are two powerful financial players, and while Visa has certainly made a splash around NFTs, such as buying a CryptoPunk last year, Mastercard has kept most of its activity behind the scenes. Today reports emerged that Mastercard is for over a dozen new trademark applications around NFT and metaverse involvement. The company has hired hundreds of new employees this year to advise banks and traders on the use of NFTs and related blockchain applications.

The ‘Minty Fresh’ Take

Today’s “Minty Fresh” version is a quick look at the last 30 days of GameFi NFT volumes, courtesy of @gojo_crypto on Twitter. Crabada has seen tremendous growth in the Avalanche chain, so much so that it has started to drive down Avalanche’s network costs. Avalanche is expected to roll out a dedicated Crabada subnet accordingly.

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