The Original ‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy Is Free On Plex Until February – Review Geek

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From February 1st everyone Plex users can stream the original Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy for free. It’s a great promotion that will get you up to speed before watching the latest Spider-Man movie, No Way Home. And hey, it’s a lot cheaper than renting the old Spider-Man movies on Amazon for $4 each.

You don’t need a Plex Pass to watch Toby Maguire face the Green Goblin, take down Doc Ock, or get infected by Venom. That’s right; this promotion is available for all Plex users with a free or paid account.

Here are the direct links to every Spider-Man movie on Plex:

Plex is a tool that allows you to create your own streaming service using movie files you already have. But in recent years, Plex has amassed a library of movies that are free for all users, even if they don’t pay a monthly fee or host a personal Plex server.

To watch the full selection of free movies on Plex, head over to the Plex website or download the Plex app (iOS/android) and create a free account. Don’t forget to install Plex on your streaming stick or smart TV, where you can browse the service’s full selection of free content or stream all the files hosted on your Plex server.

This promotion ends on March 1, so don’t miss out!

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