These low-cap DEX Altcoin balloons 47% in light of crypto market stagnation

And everyone said keep an eye on this particular Altcoin and yes – Sifchain – and they were right.

Sifchain (EROWAN), a low-cap DeFi altcoin, is skyrocketing 47% in the wake of the steelness in general crypto markets.

EROWAN is up from a low of $0.114 on April 23 and currently stands at $0.168.

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What is Sifchain (EROWAN)?

At the 271st level of all cryptocurrencies, SifChain is on its seven-day high streak at 47%. SifChain is now at a price level above resistance; it may be approaching its volatility period once the rally is over.

SifChain traded at low volumes over the course of seven days but now has an extremely bullish sentiment score and is constantly rising.

Many traders anticipate the market behavior of Sifchain EROWAN as it has become a high-performing Altcoin despite the immobility of Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other stablecoins.

Altcoin Saves Investors From Huge Fees

Sifchain is the first of its kind omni-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) focused on digital assets and altcoins that enables liquidity, freeing investors from ridiculous trading fees and immature trades.

Sifchain has spotted about 20 to 25 blockchains to facilitate cross-chain integrations.

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The only way for DAOs to be self-sufficient is to get their hands on massive funding. Enabling cross-chain liquidity is important for continuity in the blockchain space.

Sifchain is from the Cosmos Software Development Kit (SDK) and runs alongside others such as Akash, Kava, and Terra in the Cosmos Network Blockchain network.

EROWAN – 100x more powerful than ETH-based DEXs

That said, EROWAN is 100 times more powerful and robust compared to Ethereum-based DEXs when it comes to transaction speed and trading costs.

As a DEX, Sifchain has the world’s best in order books and liquidity pools that enable solid order execution.

Users are required to leave a protocol once the APYs plummet, making it very difficult to maintain its liquidity. Most protocols encourage liquidity through annual percentage returns from APYs.

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The problem with keeping the APYs relatively high is that it leads to the original token price being pushed aside. PMPT is the solution to this dilemma.

The purpose of PMTP is to pump up the ROWAN value so that the community is encouraged to HODL, which will increase ROWAN liquidity in the long run.

To do this, the ROWAN exchange rate is adjusted in small increments on the Sifchain.

Every time you switch, PMTP applies. As ROWAN’s market value skyrockets, the swaps also rise in value over time.

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