This handy iPhone feature is gone and apparently not coming back

Apple’s latest iPhone 13 is packed with new features to make our digital lives more manageable. But this often results in standard features falling by the wayside and making room for advanced features.

The most infamous feature that disappeared was the headphone jack of iPhone 7 devices. A few years later, Apple raised eyebrows again by removing the Home button.

It is clear that the tech giant is not afraid to eliminate features. But you might not like the latest feature dump. Keep reading to find out what’s going away and how your call quality could be affected.

Here’s the backstory

iPhone 12 and older users may be familiar with iOS Phone Noise Cancellation feature. It works great if you are in a noisy environment and trying to make a call. If you turn it on, background noise on phone calls is reduced when you hold the handset to your ear.

The hearing impaired also found the feature useful when increasing the volume did not improve the audio. But if you’re using an iPhone 13 and looking for this accessibility feature, it seems to be missing.

Forum threads were quick to point this out, with some suspecting it could be an operating system bug. One user went so far as to contact Apple via Twitter for a solution. And when an update was released, it was not good news.

There is no bug in iPhone 13 models that blocks this feature, but instead, Apple quietly removed it. “We have an update on this. Phone noise canceling is not available on iPhone 13 models, so you won’t see this option in Settings,” Apple Support tweeted.

The omission has certainly flown under the radar. Apple never officially announced the removal or asked any further questions about it.

What can you do about it?

iPhone 13 users cannot enable the feature on their devices. For now, it is still available on iPhone 12 and older models. Apple has not indicated whether the feature could disappear from the older models.

Here’s how to enable phone noise cancellation in iPhone 12 and older models:

Open the Settings app Scroll down and tap Accessibility In the Hearing section, tap Audio/Visual Slide the slider next to Phone noise canceling to the right to enable

There is an option for those who have an iPhone 13 to improve the voice quality for calls. Here’s how: Swipe down from the top right corner to open the Control Center when you make a call. Then tap Microphone Mode and enable Speech Isolation. Finally, continue making calls by swiping up on the screen to remove the Control Center.

Speech Isolation is a new feature in iOS 15 that separates your voice from the background. It makes it easier for other people to hear what you’re saying and can also be used during FaceTime.

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