This is what Nintendo will disable on your 3DS and Wii U


Nintendo announced that it is officially transferring from the 3DS and Wii U consoles. In the near future, the company will completely stop selling digital games for both machines.

Starting later in March 2023, Nintendo will stop everyone from buying new digital games on their Wii U and 3DS consoles. Of course, you can still go to your local video game store to buy physical games, which adds more value to buying physical media.

Before you panic, you can still download the games you’ve already bought for both consoles, at least for now. Nintendo did it to announce that at some point it would stop offering downloads of its own games for the original Wii, so we have to assume the company will do the same for the Wii U and 3Ds.

As of May 23, 2022, you will no longer be able to use a credit card to fund an account in Nintendo eShop on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. In addition, from August 29, 2022, you will no longer be able to use Nintendo eShop Cards to add money.

However, it is still possible to redeem download codes until the end of March 2023, when the game buying system will be completely disabled.

Nintendo has made sure that “no changes are planned for Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch systems”, so if you’re using Nintendo’s most recent consoles, you have nothing to worry about.

However, the fact that Nintendo is closing the Wii U and 3DS stores leaves us wondering about the Switch’s long-term prospects. When Nintendo decides it’s done with the Switch, will the company do the same? We’ll have to wait.

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