This Ripple’s Crypto Unicorn Shifts 36.1 Million XRP: Details

Yuri Molchan

This crypto unicorn that Ripple has invested in has moved 36.1 million million XRP


Bitso creates over 36 million XRP tokensRipple ODL Sales Up 46 percent

According to the data shared by Whale Alert crypto tracker, Bitso crypto exchange participated in moving 36.1 million XRP just over eight hours ago.

Bitso creates over 36 million XRP tokens

Whale Alert has discovered that 20 million XRP has been received by crypto unicorn Bitso in Mexico.

Later, Bitso internally shifted 16,100,000 XRP between its wallets, according to the additional data from the Bithomp analytics platform that tracks XRP transactions.

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In early May 2021, U.Today reported that after the close of a major funding round, Bitso’s valuation had risen above $2.2 billion and turned the Mexico-based crypto exchange into the first crypto unicorn in Latin America.

At the time, Bitso managed to raise more than $250 million in the Series C investment round.

In October 2019, the exchange received an undisclosed investment from Ripple technology provider and began using the XRP-based On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) technology for remittances in Latin America.

Ripple ODL Sales Up 46 percent

In the recently published Q4 report, Ripple giant stated that its XRP sales related to ODL customers were up a staggering $1 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, showing a 46 percent increase to $717 million. compared to $491.74 million in revenue in the third quarter.

According to the document, global demand for ODL has grown significantly and ODL now has 20 payout markets.

The San Francisco-based tech giant has also bought XRP worth $321.97 million in the secondary market.

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