Tom Brady Has Bitcoin Offer For Unlucky Buyer Of His “Last” TD Ball

Alex Dovbnya

The story of the unfortunate bidder who bought Tom Brady’s “last” TD ball has not gone unnoticed by the legendary quarterback himself

Superstar quarterback Tom Brady wants the FTX cryptocurrency exchange donate Bitcoin to a charity chosen by the unlucky buyer of the ball from Brady’s “last” touchdown.

The bad timing of the purchase became a big story in the media after Brady’s comeback. Someone paid $518,628 for the ball just before it actually became worthless.

As reported by U.Today, one of the biggest names in American football history unexpectedly retired on March 13, just weeks after announcing his retirement.

Brady will spend his 23rd season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after joining the team in 2020.

His turnaround became a major piece of news, with many speculating about what might have made him change his mind. Brady has not explicitly stated why he decided to return to professional football after ending his spectacular 22-year career just over a month ago.

Some started to joke that Brady’s cryptocurrency ambitions didn’t turn out as well as he expected due to the poor performance of Bitcoin and major coins.

After announcing his retirement, the legendary footballer hinted that he wanted to pay more attention to crypto and non-replaceable tokens. Brady launched Autograph, his own NFT company, in August 2021. He also took a stake in the FTX exchange last June.

Brady’s recent gesture indicates he’s not screwed up with crypto. The superstar quarterback has “laser eyes” on Twitter to show his high level of conviction.

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