Twitter is working on an edit button, and not because of Elon Musk India News, The Indian Express

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Like it or not, Twitter is finally getting an edit button. The company confirms that it will begin work on an edit button in 2021 and will test the feature with paid Twitter Blue users in the coming months.

Twitter announced the new feature on April 1, knowing people would think it’s a joke. The company just made a great announcement, including a trailer video showing the edit button in action.

While the purpose of the edit button is pretty obvious (you can edit tweets), we’re not entirely sure how the feature will work. At best, Twitter allows users to see any changes made to a tweet, reducing confusion on the platform and limiting the spread of misinformation.

Twitter indirectly clarified that Elon Musk has nothing to do with the edit button. Musk recently bought a 9% interest in the business (while ignoring) SEC Trading Rules) and was appointed to the board of directors. he too shared a poll users asked if they wanted an edit button, to which most answered yes.

We’re not sure when the edit button will launch, though it should appear in the coming months. At the time of release, it is only available to paying Twitter Blue users.

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