Underrated Metaverse Project Mars4 Prepares For New Releases

Investors in the crypto business are continuously looking for undervalued projects with the best chance of improving the returns of early investors. It’s easy to capitalize on discovering these hidden gem projects just before they take off with big launches. Mars4 is one of these projects to keep an eye on as the team behind it is busy working on some interesting new releases that will be ready in the coming months. These upgrades will help improve the game’s economy and give players a taste of what’s to come in the future. As a result of these improvements, the Mars4 project is expected to gain credibility and attract more investors to the project.

What is Mars4 and how does it work?

Mars4 offers non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing plots of virtual march† All NFTs have their own topography, which was created using NASA data to ensure they were accurate reconstructions of Mars.

These land parcels NFTs will be used in the near future Mars Metaverse Game† You can explore your virtual property, harvest materials and build stations, domes and other structures on it in the game. Since Mars4 is a game to earn, this is all performed while you play the MARS4 tokena cryptocurrency, just by playing the game.

The Future of Mars4

Mars4 game releases are planned in phases. The first stage is a 3D demo version of the game that any landowner can play. It is the first step towards creating a multiplayer Mars metaverse where individuals can socialize and form habitats. The demo version will be used to collect feedback from players so that the game can be improved in the future.

Another big launch is the Mars Control Center, due to launch at the end of June this year. On MCC, players can access their NFTs, trade and manage assets, view their earnings and leaderboards, and receive earnings. In other words, CC allows you to interact with and take advantage of your assets for the first time.

Mars4 investors benefit from the community pool, which was established as a revenue-sharing tool. Using the Mars Control Center, you can see the total amount in the pool and vote on when to pay it out. The pool’s growth is fueled by sales (including B2C and B2B), marketplace transactions, promotions and sponsorships, and in-game transactions. More income sources can be added to the list as the Mars4 team works to improve the experience by enabling investors to earn more.

The share of investors in the community pool is determined by their production score. You can buy NFTs to increase your productivity score or play the game and earn money by completing missions, tasks and other activities. In other words, investing more time or money yields more income. Buying NFTs now will give you a higher score before MCC is released, but MCC is a tool that allows you to monitor and regulate it.

Mars NFT plots are now for sale; but with the launch of the MCC, in-game NFTs will also become available. These NFTs can be used in-game to help you increase your productivity and earn more money. For example, you can buy a vehicle and travel through the surface of Mars, delivering goods and collecting fees.


The Mars4 project is worth checking out if you’re looking for a hidden gem to invest in, as the company is working on major releases for the coming month, including the demo version of the game, Mars Control Center and in-game NFTs. A demo of the play-to-earn game will be available to all Mars4 NFT landowners. The Mars Control Center will be used by NFT holders to manage their assets, assess and receive earned income. The Mars4 project’s passive (community pool) and active (upcoming game) revenues are both boosted through in-game NFTs. Getting in early, right before these launches, is a great method of making money.

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