Using an iPhone while wearing a mask is about to suck less

Justin Duino

After two years of COVID, Apple is finally adding mask support to Face ID. The latest iOS Beta update (version 15.4) includes a Face ID setting for mask wearers. It’s a big improvement over last year’s “fix” that lets you slowly unlock your phone with an Apple Watch if Face ID fails.

Apple warns that Face ID is more accurate when it only scans entire faces. Still, mask mode is a necessity if you’re wearing face coverings while on the go (unless you want to type a PIN like a caveman). The feature can also help users in cold climates to unlock their iPhone when wearing scarves, running masks, and other cozy accessories.

To enable Face ID mask mode, go to Settings and select “Face ID & Passcode”. You do not need to rescan your face for this feature and you can turn off the mask mode at any time. In particular, the mask mode also works with Apple Pay, 1Password and other apps.

There is only one problem. if MacRumors notes, Face ID Mask mode only works with iPhone 12 and 13. We’re not sure if this is a permanent limitation or if Apple plans to add the feature to older iPhones in the future.

Face ID mask mode should be rolled out with Apple’s iOS 15.4 update. Again, it is currently only available in the iOS 15.4 Beta.

Source: MacRumors

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