Utopia P2P Ecosystem Announces KYC-Neutral Launchpad for Crypto Projects

Vladislav Sopova

New fully on-chain early stage product fundraising tool goes live on Utopia P2P


Democratization Towards Token Sale: What Is Utopia P2P Launchpad?Easiest way to list tokens on Crypton Exchange

Utopia P2P, an ecosystem of privacy-focused projects, is getting closer and closer to the mainnet release of its launchpad. Like other tools of Utopia’s ecosystem, it will be completely KYC/AML neutral and anonymous.

Democratization Towards Token Sale: What Is Utopia P2P Launchpad?

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Utopia P2P in his main blog, the new product will be added as the next tool of Utopia’s stack. A peer-to-peer launchpad, a tool for initial decentralized exchange offerings (IDOs), is ready to onboard teams interested in anonymous token sales.

The new launchpad will allow crypto entrepreneurs to resonate with the largest audience, seamlessly fundraise and make the tokens public on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Compared to other IDO and IEO launch platforms, Utopia P2P ecosystem works faster and cheaper.

Token sales procedures on the Utopia P2P launch pad will be custom-organized: merchants can set 20+ parameters for each token sale. As such, a unique and inimitable financial instrument can be created even with basic blockchain and financial expertise.

The Utopia P2P launchpad supports both deflationary and inflationary token models. As such, it caters to memetic coins, DeFi coins, DAOs as well as ecosystems to earn.

Easiest way to list tokens on Crypton Exchange

In terms of liquidity management and audience outreach, another “killing feature” will be introduced by Utopia P2P Launchpad from the start of its mainnet business. All tokens launched through its instruments are automatically listed by Utopia P2P’s decentralized trading platform, Crypton Exchange.

Listed on Crypton Exchange, tokens gain exposure to USDT, BTC, XMR-based trading pairs, as well as trading pairs and liquidity pools with Crypto Exchange’s native token, CRP and stablecoin UUSD. The projects can enjoy all the features of PancakeSwap and Uniswap, but in a KYC neutral way.

The design of Crypton Exchange and the upcoming Utopia P2P launch pad will enable a variety of API-driven integrations: teams of protocols will be able to manage their funds and designs via API keys.

As previously described by U.Today, Utopia P2P is a family of products (exchange, mailing client, messenger, wallet and browser) that work without ID verification in the form of both a web interface and a downloadable desktop application. It is provided by renowned crypto enthusiasts from 1984 Group.

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