Valve’s Steam Deck Has Over 100 Verified Playable Games

(Pocket Ribbon) – We’re less than a month away from the launch of Valve’s highly anticipated Steam Deck.

Curious how games will perform on the new device, a Steam user sniffed by SteamDB to discover the games that Valve has already certified.

The data tells us that Valve has tested 106 games for Steam Deck compatibility so far.

The results are not yet available on Steam, but you can download the fan curated list straight away.

Valve’s Steam Deck verification has four levels of compatibility:

The highest level is “Verified” which means it has passed all of Valve’s checks, including controller support and performance checks.

Next up is “Playable” meaning the game will work but may need some tweaks to make it perform at its best.

“Not supported” means that Valve has tested the game and will not work.

The “Unknown” layer refers to games that Valve has not yet tested.

Of the 106 titles tested, 60 fall into the highest level of “Verified” and only five titles are marked “Unsupported”.

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March 12, 2021

Of these five, there are four VR games, which obviously wouldn’t work on the Steam Deck, so early signs are promising.

Some of the highlights on the “Verified” list include Portal 2, Death Stranding, and Dark Souls 3. As well as indie favorites like Cuphead and Celeste.

We can’t wait to try out the Steam Deck, luckily it won’t be long as the units ship at the end of February.

Written by Luke Baker.

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