What does the “S” in the Samsung Galaxy S stand for?

Samsung Galaxy phones have become as ubiquitous as iPhones, and that “S” is pretty ubiquitous too. Many of Samsung’s Galaxy devices have an “S” stuck to their name. Why is that, and what does it mean?

A Brief History of “Galaxy S”

Galaxy S21 Ultra Samsung

Samsung entered the Android world with the simply called “Samsung Galaxy S” in 2010. However, if you live in the US, you probably know this phone by a different name.

US carriers each got slightly different versions of the Galaxy S with unique designs and names. AT&T had the ‘Captivate’, Sprint had the ‘Epic 4G’, T-Mobile had the ‘Vibrant’ and Verizon had the ‘Fascinate’.

This was a strange time for Android smartphones. Carriers all wanted to have their own special version of these devices that stood out from other networks. They were basically the same phones, just with different bodies and names.

That trend didn’t last long, at least for Samsung. The Galaxy S II was subsequently released and kept the same name across all carriers in the US. Samsung stuck with the Roman numerals for the Galaxy S III, but eventually adopted numbers with the Galaxy S4 in 2013.

In 2014, the Galaxy S name expanded to tablets with the ‘Galaxy Tab S’. That’s what matters stand for today. The Galaxy S line includes smartphones and tablets. It is one of Samsung’s many mobile devices, including the Galaxy Z, Galaxy A, Galaxy J, and Galaxy M.

The “S” marks high-end devices

Now we know when the Galaxy S arrived, but what does it actually mean? In general, the “S” is just a letter used to distinguish among the many mobile devices that Samsung offers. It is reserved for high-end smartphones and tablets.

The idea is that if you see a Galaxy device with “S” in the model name, you know it’s going to be a premium device. However, there is still some variation in the “S” models. The Galaxy S “FE” line, for example, consists of slightly more affordable versions of their flagship counterparts.

That’s really the purpose of the “S.” The actual letter is not that important; it is just a differentiator to organize devices.

The “S” also means “Super Smart”

However, the “S” does have a specific meaning. Apparently it stands for ‘Super Smart’.

Samsung explained this in 2011. It’s a little crazy, but it makes sense for devices that should be the best of the best. The company once had definitions for all of its series, including “W” (Wonder), “M” (Magic), and “Y” (Young), but that seems to have dropped in recent years.

There you have it. The ‘S’ in Galaxy S stands for ‘Super Smart’. Now you can say you don’t just own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone; you have a Samsung Galaxy super smartphone.

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