What is duel bit? A Look at the Crypto Casino & Sportsbook Platform

duel bits is a cryptocurrency casino and sports betting platform launched in February 2020. The platform plans to bridge the gap between bookmakers and casinos, which are now separated by a large margin.

While Duelbits is primarily focused on Crypto gaming, the site also accepts credit cards and PayPal as deposit options, allowing players to deposit in their preferred way.

Duelbits’ registration and cryptocurrency payment processes are both instant and no KYC verification is required in the vast majority of cases. Because of this, you can start playing Duelbits right now.

Building one of the most competitive VIP schemes on the market, the platform prides itself on offering a pleasant and unique experience for its players. Duelbits VIP program and regular crypto awards.

In this Duelbits review, we’re going to show you all the relevant platform features, terms and facts that you need to be aware of before betting on Duelbits.

Duel Bit Features

Duelbits offers innovative games such as Crash, Roulette and Dice Duel as well as their unique Dice game with 3 new game modes. The platform also has a VIP referral program that offers 37.5 percent Rakeback plus 10% of the stake earned by each referred friend a player brings to the platform, for a total of approximately 50% Rakeback.

Duelbits offers daily casino and sports promotions, as well as personalized VIP benefits on top of the Rakeback. Duelbits also has weekly and daily leaderboards where users can earn up to $19,000 each week.

Duelbits offers an accumulator bonus for parlay betting in sports, allowing players to win up to 100% of their winning bet. Players can also get a parlay bonus by starting with a triple bet. In addition, if the chosen team reaches more than 120 points, Duelbits always pays as winning bets on NBA.

Duel Bits Registration

To register your account on Duelbits, go to “Register” in the top right corner of the site and choose your chosen login option. You can also click the “Register” button at the top center of the home page.

Duelbits enables social networking logins and does not require manual KYC verification, so creating an account and using Duelbits is easy. Users can join using their Steam or Google accounts, as well as their email addresses.

On Duelbits, each registration is considered equal in terms of features. This means that there is only one type of account at Duelbits.

After signing up, you can now use all the features available on Duelbits. You can also play any game right away without having to wait for authorization from a human.

Duel Bit Deposit Methods

To place bets on Duelbits, users must make a deposit through one of the payment methods offered by the platform. To deposit money on Duelbits, users need to go to the “Cashier” tab, click on “Deposit” and choose a preferred deposit method.

Deposit payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, WebMoney, PayPal, Paysafecards, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Kinguin vouchers.

All available deposit methods offered by Duelbits are instant. Deposits made with cryptocurrency can be used to play anonymously or place a bet, which is a major advantage of placing bets through Duelbits.

Duel Bit Revocation Methods

It’s also worth highlighting Duelbits’ recording capabilities. To withdraw money from Duelbits casino, go to the Cashier page, click on ‘Withdraw’ and select the appropriate withdrawal method.

Withdrawals from Duelbits may only be paid out in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, Bitcoin Cash and others. Duelbits payouts are fast and users are not required to submit any personal or financial information.

Duelbits games

Duelbits has dozens of casino games and sports to choose from, and the site is constantly updated to accommodate a wide variety of gamers.

Duelbits games are made by a total of 31 different and well-known game companies including Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger, Playson and others. Players can also categorize their favorite games by ranking or alphabetically.

Below is a list of games available on the Duelbits platform:

Duel Bit Slots

Duelbits has a variety of casino games to choose from, including live shows and slots. Play’N GO, Relax Gaming, Liquid Gaming, Push Gaming and Pragmatic Play are some of the most prominent slot game developers.

While betting on the Duelbits platform, players will never miss any of their favorite slots. They can use their preferred deposit methods such as cryptocurrency and PayPal to play slot machines.

Unlike many other top crypto casinos, Duelbits slots have quite a high RTP (return to player). A slot machine’s RTP determines how much money a slot machine should pay out over a long period of time. In general, a higher return to the player (RTP) indicates a greater chance of winning.

Duel Bit Blackjack

Duelbits online casino offers live blackjack games from several well-known software developers. Duelbits blackjack tables can be played from as little as $1.

For gamers looking to try out the Duelbits blackjack games, this is a fantastic opportunity. If the traditional BlackJack game has a significant wait time, players can switch to virtual crypto blackjack, allowing them to play immediately and without waiting. Duelbits blackjack accepts all forms of payment, including Visa, PayPal and cryptocurrency.

Duelbits Live Games and Crazy Time

Duelbits offers a variety of live games in addition to the crypto slots and blackjack games described above, including the acclaimed Crazy Time. Crazy Time is a Duelbits casino game with real-time statistics from Tracksino.

Real-time statistics allow players to track the results of past Crazy Time spins and guess or anticipate the outcome of future games based on those results. Duelbits Crazy Time data can be used to play the game using specialized and required betting tactics.

Duelbits crashes

Duelbits also offers Crash, a unique slot game. Players can wager any amount they can cash out at any time and benefit from using the multipliers shown on their displays. Players cannot withdraw their money before the rocket falls; if they do, they lose their entire bet.

This type of game mode is very exciting because the multiplier on the screen can crash at any time. Many gamers reach multipliers of a few hundred and make huge sums of money. Due to Duelbits’ reliable, provably fair mechanism, players can verify the randomness and fairness of the Crash multipliers at any time by visiting the provably fair website.

Duel Bits Dice

Duelbits also offers several in-house specialty games, such as Dice, in addition to the standard game alternatives, such as slot machines and live performances. The game works by having players move the slider to choose a number between 1 and 99. Then the player can adjust the multiplier to increase the chance of a higher payout if they win.

If a player thinks the next number will be higher than the current chosen value, they can click Roll Over. If they think the value will be lower, they can click Roll Under. Duelbits put a unique spin on the game of dice by adding three new buttons for the game of dice:

Roll outside Roll between Roll between and roll between

Duelbits Dice works the same way as the traditional Over/Under options, but this version has additional custom sets of numbers. Players can choose to bet on either side of the section, or they can choose to bet outside of that section. The last button allows players to choose 2 sections and bet to roll within either section.

Duelbits Easter promo

From April 4-17, Duelbits is giving you the chance to win a share of the $250,000 Easter Egg Hunt.

Daily Rewards

To enter, make sure you have deposited at least $50 since March 20. Once you’ve done that, head over to the Eggs tab and open Today’s Egg of the Day for your daily reward!

Each egg of the day hides 5, 10, 15 or 20 “free spins”, or a bonus worth 2 USD, 5 USD or 10 USD. On the first day of the promotion, the daily reward is also guaranteed 20 free spins on the eligible games.

Prize Draw on Easter Monday with a $100,000 prize pool

To enter, wager $100 in one day and collect your ticket from the Claim tab. Every $100 bet gives you a new entry with no daily limit! There are 153 cash prizes to be won:

1 x 50,000 USD 1 x 25,000 USD 1 x 10,000 USD 150 x 100 USD

There is also a daily Golden Egg for you to find somewhere on the website. Every midnight (in UTC time zone) they will tweet a clue to help you find the page where the Golden Egg is nested.

Find the Golden Egg before the next midnight and click it to get a tweet about your find. Share the tweet for a chance to win $500 every day!

And there’s more: open the Egg of the Day today, claim your prize draw ticket and check our Twitter feed for the next Golden Egg clue.

Country Restrictions on Duelbits

People residing in the following countries are not allowed to use the Duelbits platform, while users in these countries can still access the site, its features are very limited: Aruba, Australia, Bonaire, Curacao, Denmark, France, Malta, Sint Marteen, Singapore, Spain, US, United Kingdom, Netherlands

The restriction also applies to all named areas of the above countries.


duel bits is a renowned and professional online casino and sportsbook that is growing rapidly. The platform is constantly introducing new game titles and other casino features while maintaining a professional, transparent and fair environment for all users.

This platform is an excellent choice if you want to take advantage of an early membership to a rapidly developing and licensed crypto casino.

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