What This Optical Illusion Reveals About Your Brain

Have you ever wondered what affects your personality? Researchers are always trying to find out what drives people. But while they may not be closer to an answer, one thing is clear: people see and interpret images very differently.

Different interpretations get stronger when you break them down by gender. Take the latest optical illusion from Facts Factory as an example. You can see a man running in a tunnel in a black and white image.

But the question is whether he runs towards you or away from you. Keep reading to find out what this optical illusion says about you.

Here’s the backstory

According to Facts FactoryWhich way you interpret the running character determines whether you have more of a female brain or male brain. Have a look at the picture:

What is your first instinct in which direction he runs? Here are the possible interpretations, depending on your answer:

If you see the man running towards you, it means that you are not afraid to tackle life’s obstacles first. You often use analytical skills and good reasoning to face challenging situations. And if you can learn from a screenplay, focus all your energy on satisfying your curiosity.

That may all sound positive, but in some areas you still fall short. For example, even with your exuberance at problem-solving, you’re not very good at multitasking.

As a result, you find it challenging to focus your energy on more than one thing at a time and usually do this until the task is completed. But with focused attention comes the ability to substantiate all your opinions with compelling arguments.

Does the man run away from you?

According to Facts Factory, if you interpret the man as running away, you have excellent analytical and reasoning skills. As a result, you often do not draw hasty conclusions and you take your time before making decisions.

But you also have a creative side and love to come up with projects or tasks from scratch. It may not seem obvious, but the research also suggests that you are a skilled multi-tasker with an impeccable memory.

The best part? “You can always count on your intuition and excellent senses,” the site concludes.

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