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(Pocket Ribbon) – The PlayStation 5 has been out for over a year now and it’s still as hard to find in stores as anything you can imagine, that’s how popular it has been.

It’s easy to see why. It is stunning in its skyscraper look and features real next level technology; but what exactly can you do with it besides playing games?

We’ve put together a handy guide for anyone who’s recently bought a PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition – here are the best tips and tricks we’ve found.

How to Transfer Files from PS4 to PS5

If you already have a PlayStation 4 and want to set up your PS5 with existing settings and installed games, you can transfer files from your PS4 to the new PS5 over your local network.

You will need the latest system software on both consoles, so make sure to update them first. You should also make sure your trophies are synced (by pressing options when viewing your trophies and selecting Sync with PlayStation Network).

You now need to set up both consoles for the transfer. You can do this by connecting them both to your home router via Wi-Fi or via LAN cables. The latter is definitely faster.

If you only have one LAN cable, make sure both consoles are connected to the router via Wi-Fi, then plug the LAN cable into the Ethernet port on each console.

Once connected, turn both on and go to your PS5’s settings. Tap System, then System Software and select Data Transfer. Press Continue.

Your PS4 should appear on the following screen. Select it and once Prepare for data transfer appears, press and hold the power button on your PS4 until you hear a beep.

You can then select all the content you want to transfer and select Star Transfer.

Inserting a disc into the PS5

This may seem like an odd tip, but if you leave the standard PlayStation 5 upside down – something it’s clearly designed best for – a drive won’t go into the drive in the most natural direction.

Instead, you have to face the top of the Blu-ray or game to the left and into the flesh of the console itself. Some might say that’s obvious, but it wasn’t our first time.

If you’ve laid your PS5 horizontally, it makes a lot more sense as the drive will be positioned correctly (with the drive slot on the bottom of the console). Of course, it’s also irrelevant to digital edition owners.

Create game presets

With the PS5, you can make general settings to choose defaults for new games when you launch them – a handy feature. This means you can tell games to always use their Performance modes, such as if you prefer faster frame rates, or to choose Medium difficulty when you start.

To choose your settings, go to Settings, then Save data and click Game/app settings. Under the Game Presets section, you can choose the default settings you want to use. Most games should recognize these, but you may need to check before going too far.

Protect yourself from spoilers

If you’re playing a game from a while back and want to avoid seeing images from later sections as you scroll through your PS5’s cards and pages, there’s a handy setting to help. Where you’ve edited your game presets, under Game/App Settings, you can also see a section on spoiler alerts.

You can then either block all images the developers have marked as spoilers, or any images from areas you haven’t seen – both are great ways to avoid new information. The good news is that the game hint cards you see when you press the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller will stick to them and won’t show you any spoilers either.

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Pairing the PS5 Media Remote

The PlayStation 5 has its own optional Media Remote to control streaming apps and 4K Blu-ray playback.

The Bluetooth device is easy to pair with the console, you just need to go to “Settings” then “Accessories”, scroll down to “Media Remote” and tap “Set up Media Remote”.

A wizard will walk you through the steps, but to put the remote into pairing mode, press and hold the PlayStation and Option buttons for a few seconds. The remote can also be set up to control your TV and, as in our case, a sound system.

How to make sure you don’t play a PS5 version of a game on PS4?

In the early days of the PS5, it was surprisingly tricky to get yourself playing the next-gen version of a game, where both versions were available for download. This has thankfully been resolved through software updates – you will now see a logo next to the game on your home screen to let you know what version it is.

If you accidentally installed the PS4 version, you can just go to your library and download the PS5 option instead. Sony has also made sure that when you buy a game, it’s the next-gen version that downloads automatically, which is handy.

List only PS5 games in your library

If you’ve already assigned a decent library of PS4 games to your PlayStation account, or have downloaded some of the PS Plus collection, but only want to see which games you own that are native PS5 titles, you can filter the list .

Go to the Game Library icon in the top bar on the home screen and click the filter button on the left (has a downward circle on it). Select Platform and then check PS5. Your library now only shows PS5 games. You can do the same for other platforms.

How to expand your PS5 storage

After months of waiting, Sony has activated the PS5’s ability to accept an additional internal SSD to get more storage space for your games and applications. The process is actually quite simple, but you can find a full guide on how to do it here.

Plus, we’ve also compiled a carefully curated list of the best internal PS5 SSD options to buy, so you can make sure you don’t get rushed by an overpriced drive.

How to move PS4 games to an external hard drive

If you have an external drive connected and active, you can move PS4 games and apps from the internal drive to the external drive.

First, go to Settings, scroll down and click Storage. Then click Console Storage. Go to the Games and Apps tag and click on it.

Select the Items You Can Move tag at the top of the next page, click on one of the games you want to transfer, and then click Move.

Output Bitstream Audio/Dolby Atmos on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays

The PS5 doesn’t support Dolby Atmos as such, but can output bitstream audio over HDMI for DVDs, Blu-rays and 4K Blu-rays, allowing your AV receiver, surround system or soundbar to decode the signal itself. The only problem is that you have to choose the option manually, and it’s not available in the usual PS5 settings.

Basically you can only do this when a drive is inserted and active. When it reaches the main disc menu – from the movie or TV show – press the Options button and you should see a few popups appear at the bottom of the screen.

Select the hamburger icon (the three dots) and then Settings from the next menu that appears. Select Audio Format and then Bitstream. Now use the circle button on the controller (or the back button on the Media Remote) a few times to go back to the movie menu.

Set parental controls on PS5

It is possible to set parental controls for all children who will be using the PlayStation 5. These include age restrictions on content, the ability to track and limit play time, set spending limits on a shared wallet, and restrict communication features.

You can set them up on the console itself, or via an internal browser on PC, Mac or mobile. For the latter go to you account management page on the Sony website† Then click on Family Management. You can set up all parental controls for any child’s PlayStation account from there.

You can also set them up from the PS5’s own settings menu. Go to Settings, scroll down to Family & Parental Controls. Next, you will find Parental Controls in Family Management.

In the PS5 menu, you can change each of the controls individually or choose a preset restriction level between Child, Early Teens, or Late Teens or older.

Written by Rik Henderson. Editing by Britta O’Boyle.

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