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You know how Apple stopped including a charger with the iPhone? Yes, it looks like Tesla can pull off the same trick. According to a new rumor, the Mobile Connector Bundlethat connects your Tesla to any electrical outlet in your home may not be included with future Tesla purchases.

This rumor comes from driving a Tesla, who discovered a minor change in wording in Tesla’s Design Studio. Previously, a card titled “Easy Charging” explained that customers can easily charge their vehicle “using the included Mobile Connector bundle”. Tesla Secretly Removed The Word “Included” From This Map Without Any Clarification, And Now, customers are angry

A one-word change in Tesla’s Design Studio shouldn’t be a problem. And just to be clear, other parts of the company’s website still refer to the Mobile Connector Bundle as an “included” accessory.

But Tesla tends to make minor changes to Design Studio before revealing popular announcements, including price hikes and vehicle delays. In addition, the Mobile Connector Bundle is sold out in Tesla’s web store, which may indicate a supply shortage. This rumor, while rocky, is somewhat realistic.

TeslaOkay, but why should drivers care about this rumor? Charging a Tesla from a 110v outlet is an awful experience – it’s unbelievably, super-duper slow. You’re already dropping $60k on a car; why not buy a good charging solution?

This is what it is about; Charging from a home outlet isn’t ideal, but it’s often the most convenient option for renters or those who don’t use their cars very often. It is also not the case that a fast charging station is always within reach. If you’re visiting family or getting stuck in the sticks, it’s better to charge your Tesla from a 110v outlet.

If this rumor really comes out, I’m afraid other automakers will follow in Tesla’s footsteps. It’s the same as what we saw with the iPhone. Apple stopped charging bricks with its phones, claiming customers already have chargers, and other phone makers played copycat. (For reference, a decent phone charger costs at least $20, and the Tesla Mobile Connector Bundle costs $275.)

There is only one way to confirm this rumor. We’ll have to wait for Tesla customers to report whether their cars included a Mobile Connector Bundle. If you just received a Tesla and it didn’t come with the charging bundle, please email me at [email protected]

Source: driving a Tesla

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