Will Crypto Hit a Ceiling? Crypto companies are trying to prevent it

In November 2021, the crypto market cap peaked at $2.8 trillion, putting it on par with Apple’s market cap and larger than Microsoft’s, sending a clear message to the world; Crypto is here to stay. Despite this tremendous achievement, there has been a significant pushback of institutions and banks around the world that are clinging tightly to their old notions of what defines “money.”

These regulatory bodies want to strike a balance between centralized and decentralized finance (DeFi). Several countries have already accepted crypto as legal tenderand others have implemented or started implementing their own Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)† While this is a step in the right direction, the infrastructure to join both the DeFi crypto and centralized CBDCs is severely lacking. This prevents companies and businesses from really adopting cryptocurrencies in a viable way.

Businesses need an easier way to adopt crypto from a large-scale economic standpoint, as current DeFi products and services are not intended for, or designed with, large companies in mind. Moreover, the learning curve for crypto is steep for both individuals and businesses. Until these differences can be reconciled, crypto will struggle to break that “ceiling” and achieve widespread adoption.

A Blockchain Startup That Wants to Help Make a Breakthrough

The mission of Parrotly Finance Inc is to fill that void and bridge the gaps that currently exist between decentralized crypto use and the centralization needed for large businesses and corporations. They are also striving to reduce the learning curve required to participate in the nascent crypto space, allowing the masses to embrace the change.

Parrotly Finance envisions a world where businesses and individuals no longer have to choose between centralization and DeFi, but have a hybrid of both paving the way for the future of finance with the combined benefits of centralization and DeFi.

One of the first products currently in development that will enable the first steps towards this vision is the Flock Wallet. It is a proprietary cryptocurrency wallet that is unlike any other DeFi crypto wallet available. The Flock Wallet combines the benefits and structure of traditional bank accounts with the innovation of DeFi wallets to cater to large businesses and organizations that require the functionality of a standard corporate bank account:

Multi-User Modern UI/UX Multi-Level Authorization/Permission Levels Accounting Tools KYC Much More

A beta of the wallet’s individual core features is slated to be released in Q4 2022 and will incrementally roll out additional features and functionality in segmented upgrades to the Flock wallet, creating a truly unique product for both businesses and individuals. created.

Parrotly Finance Inc has already started phase 1 of their development and has released an NFT series that offers their members exclusive real-world benefits and discounts with Parrotly Finance partners to test alternative tools for NFTs. The next step Parrotly Finance is taking is releasing a DeFi token called PBIRB. This token will serve as the native currency used in Parrotly Finance’s products and services.

PBIRB is a deflationary cryptocurrency and burns 2% of every sale to reduce supply over time. The presale for $PBIRB will begin on April 16 and end on April 19, after which the entire remaining supply on the polygon network will be pegged to Matic, and the liquidity pool tokens will be burned to ensure that liquidity is never removed. PBIRB token has also been verified both before and after deployment. More information about the token can be found at Parrotly.Finance website.

In summary, Parrotly Finance Inc has identified an area with a strong need in both the centralized and decentralized spaces and is working to solve these needs with user-friendly and easy-to-understand products and services.

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