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Even if it’s been a while The office stopped airing (aka way too long), it’s still a show that pretty much everyone likes to watch. And now we can keep the show’s fun antics alive with The office: somehow we manageit’s new mobile game.

Developed by East Side Games Group, the game features all of the show’s most beloved characters, including Michael, Jim, Dwight, Pam, Stanley, and more. You can also collect special characters such as Farmer Dwight, Prison Mike and Three Hole Punch Jim. The game also lets you relive some of the show’s best moments while “working,” including Jim making fun of Dwight, Dwight complaining about Jim, and Stanley doing crossword puzzles non-stop instead of working.

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The office: somehow we manage is a free-to-play idle game inspired by The office‘s iconic mid-management vibes. In it, you’re tasked with trying to maintain the profits of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton facility in order to avoid downsizing; of course the branch is having a hard time so you have to make your best Michael Scott impression and work some serious overtime to get the job done.

While busting your ass and raking in profits for Dunder Mifflin trying to make enough profit to keep businesses at bay, you can also get office upgrades while you’re at it. Just make sure you stop Michael from ruining your winnings with something stupid. Easier said than done, we’re sure.

The game is currently available on both iOS and Android. It’s free to install, but there are in-app purchases for Scottcoins and in-game cash.

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