Wyze Talks Upcoming Products, Matter Ecosystem Plans in AMA


Wyze sells some of the most popular smart home devices out there, most notably the Wyze Cam series. The company hosted an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on Reddit earlier today, revealing a few details about the company’s upcoming plans.

It doesn’t matter for existing products

There was excitement about the upcoming ‘Matter’ smart home ecosystem, which aims to unify and simplify the installation and management tools for smart home products. The end goal is for every Matter-certified device to work with other Matter-compatible hubs and devices, eliminating the compatibility issues that exist today.

However, Wyze does not expect Matter support for its existing products. When asked about updating Wyze devices to work with Matter, Wyze Product VP Steve McIrvin said in a Reddit comment today, “That’s unlikely because of the requirements to run both the Wyze firmware stack and a Matter- compatible firmware image. We have taken several paths with this strategy and the most likely scenario is that we will need to introduce new products with higher resource limits (especially flash memory and RAM) to support Matter.”

The company is also exploring how to bring its cameras into the Matter ecosystem. McIrvin said: “The biggest obstacle for us, as you may have guessed, is that there is not yet a definition for cameras in the Matter guidelines. It’s not one of the two dozen categories they’ve defined so far. A working group is now being set up, so we want to participate in that.”

Upcoming Products

Wyze has been releasing new products at a rapid pace in recent years, so it’s not surprising that the company has more in the pipeline. The first is a Matter-compatible product, which will be available “in a few months”, but it’s not clear what type of device it will be.

Steve McIrvin also confirmed that a smart light switch is in the works that will not require a neutral wire. Smart switches are a popular way to add smart controls to lighting fixtures, especially in cases where smart light bulbs aren’t practical, but they usually require a neutral wire in the wall for power supply — something many homes don’t have. McIrvin said on Reddit, “A large percentage of homes in the US were built before neutral wiring was required, so we’re going to have a pretty innovative solution to tackle those homes in the coming months (certainly before the end of the year). .”

Other information

The most voted question in the AMA asked about the status of Wyze’s RTSP firmware, which was beta software that allowed Wyze cameras to be monitored using the industry-standard Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), rather than proprietary on-premises or cloud-based solutions. Steve McIrvin said, “The reason we removed it was because we couldn’t keep it fully in sync with the changes we made to the rest of our firmware images. We have no plans at this time to recreate that image.” place.”

RTSP was a way to monitor Wyze camera feeds from a desktop computer or laptop (without running the Android app in a virtual machine). Wyze is working on an official web viewer for camerasand the company confirmed in the AMA that it is currently working on Firefox support and other improvements.

Source: reddit

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