Your 2022 Guide to Kings Cross Station

Kings Cross Station is on the edge of central London, connecting you to cities across the UK and across Europe. Kings Cross Station is one of the busiest railways in the UK and is thriving with shops, restaurants, bars and unique experiences you won’t want to miss. It offers a cozy atmosphere for all the family all year round and attractions within walking distance in London. Here’s your 2022 guide to the best experiences in Kings Cross Station.

Experience Kings Cross Station with ease

Maybe you’re waiting for your next train and have some time to kill, or your train was delayed at the last minute and you don’t want to just sit there for a few hours. Explore Kings Cross Station and its fun atmosphere by storing your luggage in one location so you don’t have to carry it around with you. Here are the simple steps for it: luggage storage in Kings Cross Station

Find the Kings Cross luggage storage location onlineBook your spot at this locationLeave your luggage on the way to exploreEnjoy all that Kings Cross Station has to offer!

The Harry Potter 9 ¾ Platform

Calling all Harry Potter fans waiting to board their train at Kings Cross Station. From JK Rowling’s best-selling series, Harry Potter, there is an honorary Platform 9 ¾ in St Pancras, where diehard fans can have a professional photo taken of them attempting to drive a luggage cart through the stone corridor to board the Hogwarts Express, just like Harry and his friends did in the book series. You can even put on the famous gold and red scarf and snap a photo in the sky, as half of your birdcage and luggage are already through the wall. Adjacent to the attraction is The Harry Potter Shop where you can enjoy the collection of wands, horcruxes and games that you can buy and take home as souvenirs.

The Kings Cross Tunnel

Before walking out of Kings Cross Station, the Kings Cross Tunnel is a must to walk through on your way to local shops, restaurants and attractions. This 90-meter tunnel has an art wall made of continuous LED lighting that leads you to Granary Square and Coal Drops Yard. It’s full of lighter, more pastel colors that give you a sense of calm and ease as you make your way through the hustle and bustle of London city life.

Granary Square

Okay, you are now outside Kings Cross Station and in the heart of the Kings Cross area. Graanschuurplein is located on the Regent’s Canal, where barges used to unload their goods to sell to the city folk. Here you will find over 1,000 fountains that light up at night and plenty of space to sit and enjoy the choreographed show. Some things to enjoy in Granary Square are:

Bars, cafes and restaurants with terraces, drinking and dining all day, and easy quick bites. Festivals, Fashion Week shows, markets and concerts are underway and dates are available on event calendars for Kings CrossWord on the Water is a 1920s bookshop ship floating in the canal with a range of books from new to old

Art in Kings Cross

You don’t want to miss the art and creativity in Kings Cross. While there are several pieces of art, use your time before your departure to take in some of the highlights of the area’s art program:

The Outside Art Project is a large outdoor gallery featuring local, national and international artists. It is open all year round, always open and always free for people to come and enjoy the unique styles and work of artists from all over the world. All the art is showcased on 24-seater sofas in the open spaces of Kings Cross.Semaphores is an exhibition of three sculptures created by artist Amalia Pica. Semaphore represents a code used in early telegraphy. Her goal was to represent the communication hubs and technology companies that work in code. The sculptures are located in three different locations and each has a semaphore alphabet so you can encode and decode messages. My World and Your World is the 16 meter high steel sculpture by Eva Rothschild. Her goal was to imagine an inverted tree or lightning bolt that starts at a single point and splits into many branches as it descends that sink into the ground. Since it refers to the natural world, it is strong and vulnerable. You can take a nap, eat and relax while taking in the beautiful sculpture

Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard is the hotspot for shopping and dining as you stroll the cobbled streets and walk under the brick arches. There are over 50 cafes, bars, restaurants and shops to browse and while away some time. It is full of artisans who are well known and just getting started in the industry. A few stores from the long list are:

Boutique by Shelter – a charity shopEarl of East – housewares and hand-poured candlesWolf & Badger – collections from independent designers

If you’re looking for a diverse collection of dishes, Coal Drops Yard has it all. There’s nothing you can’t find that suits your taste buds. Some restaurants here include:

The Gas Station – open all day restaurant and beer garden right on the Regent’s Canal Caravan – a variety of food items and roasted coffee in an old grain store Coal Office – a restaurant with style and Middle Eastern cuisine

There are even some other top spots like Happy Face, Barrafina, The Drop, Sons + Daughters, and German Gymnasium in Coal Drops Yard that give you endless options of eatery.

Time well spent in Kings Cross

Now you have everything you need to make the most of your time in Kings Cross Station. Don’t waste time waiting for your train by just sitting down with your luggage. Keep your luggage in one location and head to the top places in King Cross Station with your 2022 guidebook of the area.

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